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    1 HOWTO to obtain a standalone libPAW library from ABINIT sources
    2 =====
    3 Just type 'make dist' (or simply 'make') in the present directory
    5 Other commands:
    6  make clean: clean all libPAW files (source file directory & tarball)
    7  make libpaw: build the libPAW source file directory
    8  make libpaw-tarball: create the tarball from the libPAW source file directory
   10 Then you get a tarball containing the libPAW library;
   11 you can use it as explained below:
   13 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
   15 HOWTO to compile a standalone libPAW library
   16 =====
   17 Untar the libpaw.tar.gz file
   19 Edit the makefile.in file and adjust some parameters
   20  FC : Fortran compiler (use mpif90 to include MPI)
   21  FCFLAGS= Fortran compiler flags
   23 If you want to embbed libPAW in a host code, it might be useful to edit
   24 the src/libpaw.h file.
   26 Type 'make libpaw'