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    1 This is Tk402.001
    3 The name by the way is Tcl/Tk's 4.2 with three digits for me to mess with.
    5 I hope Sun don't get through more than 100 revisions so two sub-version digits
    6 will be enough for them.
    8 I will subsume Sun's 'patch' stuff (e.g. '3' in 4.2p2) into my digits as we have
    9 tended  to be 'ahead' of them on some fixes and behind on others so we don't
   10 map exactly at that level.
   12 For my digits I will use the 'even'=stable, 'odd'='experimental'
   13 scheme that linux uses:
   15  .0xx  - inherently 'alpha'
   16  .1xx  - experimental 'beta'
   17  .2xx  - stable
   18  .3xx  - experimental
   19  .4xx  - stable