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    1 SPARC Solaris2.5* is what perl/Tk's was originaly delveloped on,
    2 so most things work. I still build regularly on Solaris2.5.1, Solaris2.6
    3 and occasionally on Solaris7 (aka Solaris2.7).
    5 I normally use gcc-2.8.1 and egcs-1.1.2 but have tested (occasionally) with
    6 SunPRO compilers.
    8 *** IMPORTANT Solaris7 and gcc issue ***
    9 There are problems with certain patches from Sun and certain gcc versions.
   10 See gcc source distribuition or
   11 http://gcc.gnu.org/install/specific.html#sparc-sun-solaris2.7
   12 for details.
   14 In particular Robert <sobrika@erols.com> writes
   15 "
   16 By simply removing Solaris 7 patch 107058-01 from my machine I was able to
   17 re-make Perl/Tk and pass all the post-installation tests.  Just for the record,
   18 I am using the gcc 2.8.1 and perl 5.00503 binary distributions from the
   19 sunfreeware site. The perl binary was compiled with gcc 2.8.1.
   20 "
   22 I have only tested with openwindows, and recommend that as an optimized X11R5
   23 unless you really need X11R6isms (which I have not tried).
   25 I have one report that /usr/ccs/bin/make fails to build correctly.
   26 I cannot reproduce the problem with current MakeMaker, but it was
   27 reported that using GNU make (which is what I _usually_ use) fixed the problem.
   29 There is code to comprehend the way openwindows deals with locale issues.
   30 The workround may _cause_ problems if you are using another X11 not openwin.