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    1 From  owner-ptk@WPI.EDU  Tue Aug  1 01:05:05 1995
    2 Return-Path: <owner-ptk@WPI.EDU>
    3 Date: Mon, 31 Jul 1995 20:04:29 -0400
    4 From: bohm@cs.Buffalo.EDU (Eric J. Bohm)
    5 Message-Id: <199508010004.UAA20132@gagarin.cs.Buffalo.EDU>
    6 To: ptk@WPI.EDU
    7 Subject: TkPerl install on SCO ODT 3.0 (my hacks)
    8 Sender: owner-ptk@WPI.EDU
    9 Precedence: bulk
   10 P-From: "Eric J. Bohm" <bohm@cs.Buffalo.EDU>
   12 To compile Tk-b6 on SCO ODT 3.0 using perl-5.001m:
   14 I Had to comment out this line in the myConfig file used by MakeMaker.
   16 #$define .= " -DHAVE_SYS_SELECT_H" if ($Config{'i_sysselct'});
   18 sys/select.h in SCO has a time definition that conflicts with sys/time.h
   20 Also needed to change all the GNUmakefile files to change
   21 -include $(wildcard *.d)
   22 to
   23 include $(wildcard *.d)
   25 Our GNU make 3.67 blows up on those lines.  Since its over two years old, I
   26 guess we're a little overdue for an upgrade there.  Downloading and
   27 upgrading make soon, I'll post an update if that noticably improves things.
   29 With those revisions in place I can build a statically linked tkperl (SCO
   30 doesn't seem inclined to build a dynamic perl no matter how hard I hack at
   31 it).  Runs all the demos quite nicely.  Now I'm off to learn tkperl
   32 programming from the UserGuide.
   34 I can make a diff patch if anyone's that keen on the results.
   37 							thanks
   39 								EJB