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    2 OpenBSD's default perl Config.pm includes -Bforcearchive in the link
    3 flags for loadable extensions.
    5 The way Tk build is supposed to work is that all the converted Tcl/Tk
    6 .c files get compiled in pTk subdirectory and put in the archive library
    7 libpTk.a .  Then each of Tk widgets and sub-systems links their own
    8 .o files and libpTk.a - with the intent of only picking the bits from
    9 libpTk.a they need. But -Bforcearchive tells linker to include ALL
   10 of the .o files in the .a file - which not only leads to huge loadables
   11 full of unused code, but also gives multiple definitions
   12 of symbols in Tk::Event which expects to be able to override some
   13 of the generic routines.
   15 So Tk/MMutil.pm attempts to remove the option from LDDLFLAGS when
   16 perl's $^O eq 'openbsd'.