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    2 perl-5.8.1 and Tk804.025 on IRIX 6.5.20m
    4 1) IRIX has no ranlib, it's not required.  When building builtin zlib/png
    5    support make will fail trying to invoke ranlib.  I (Steve Lidie) did:
    7        alias ranlib=true
   10 Perl5.004/Tk402.* on IRIX 6.2
   12 Craig reports that there is a -lnsl in /usr/lib which MakeMaker finds
   13 but which linker does not.
   15 Craig M Votava <craig@lucent.com> writes:
   16 >
   17 >I built it without the -lnsl with this command:
   18 >
   19 >perl Makefile.PL LIBS="-L/usr/lib -L/usr/lib32 -lX11 -lpt -lsocket -lm"
   20 >
   21 >
   22 >I think both of this can be done in the perl5.004 irix configuration scripts
   23 >so that Tk402.000 picks them up... right?
   24 >
   26 Really needs a hints file - but I (Nick) can't remember how to do one...