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    1 Tk is a Graphical User Interface ToolKit.
    3 Copyright (c) 1995-2004 Nick Ing-Simmons. All rights reserved.
    4 This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
    5 modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, with the exception
    6 of all the files in the pTk sub-directory which have separate terms
    7 derived from those of the orignal Tix4.1.3 or Tk8.4.* sources.
    8 See the files pTk/license.terms, pTk/license.html_lib, and
    9 pTk/Tix.license for details of this license.
   11 The Tk804 series is considered production worthy since Tk804.027.
   12 (Previous stable release being Tk800.025.)
   14 This a re-port of a perl interface to Tk8.4.
   15 C code is derived from Tcl/Tk8.4.5.
   16 It also includes all the C code parts of Tix8.1.4 from SourceForge.
   17 The perl code corresponding to Tix's Tcl code is not fully implemented.
   19 Perl API is essentially the same as Tk800 series Tk800.025 but has not
   20 been verified as compliant. There ARE differences see pod/804delta.pod.
   22 The goal of this release is Unicode support via perl's and
   23 core-tk's use of UTF-8.
   24 Tk804.027 builds and loads into a threaded perl but is NOT
   25 yet thread safe.
   27 This Tk804 works only with perl5.8.0 or later.
   28 Perl's UTF-8 support has improved since it was introduced in perl5.6.0.
   29 Some functions (regular expression match in Text widgets) are known
   30 to only work with perl5.8.1 and later
   32 The latest Perl/Tk version running with perl5.6.x is Tk800.025.
   33 The latest Perl/Tk version running with perl5.005_xx is Tk800.024.
   35 There are a lot more tests in Tk804. Some notably t/entry.t and
   36 t/listbox.t very dependant on the available fonts and to a lesser
   37 extent the window manager used. As a rule of thumb older window
   38 managers like twm, fvwm2, and windowmaker are more robust than newer
   39 like Metacity (often used in GNOME), kwin (the KDE window manager), or
   40 xfwm4.
   42 Others t/JP.t and t/KR.t need oriental fonts and can take a long time to
   43 run on a machine with a lot of fonts but which lacks the glyphs tests are
   44 looking for.
   46 By default Perl/Tk makes use of client side fonts via freetype2,
   47 fontconfig and Xft on Unix systems. This gives anti-aliased fonts for
   48 regular text (if you have TrueType or Type1 fonts and they are in your
   49 fontconfig config file). See also http://fontconfig.org .
   50 To disable this feature run the Makefile.PL
   51 with "perl Makefile.PL XFT=0".
   53 Note that the default fontconfig configuration may or may not include
   54 traditional X11 fonts. Please inspect /etc/fonts/fonts.conf or
   55 /usr/local/etc/fonts/fonts.conf files for the values of the <dir>
   56 elements. Users may add additional font directories in their
   57 ~/.fonts.conf . See
   58 http://www.freedesktop.org/software/fontconfig/fontconfig-user.html
   59 for more information.
   61 For questions on this package try news:comp.lang.perl.tk or e-mail to
   62 <ptk@lists.stanford.edu> (needs registration to the mailing list) or
   63 <srezic@cpan.org>
   65 Perl/Tk's source code can be found in the git repository:
   67 	http://github.com/eserte/perl-tk
   69 To clone the repository, just execute
   71 	git clone git://github.com/eserte/perl-tk.git