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    1 This is an extension for Tk800.015 and later which supplies
    2 JPEG format loader for Photo image type.
    4 This version builds with Mingw32 on Win32, and should build with
    5 other "perl supported" Win32 compilers.
    7 (Please use earlier Tk::JPEG 1.* with Tk40?.*)
    9 The sub-directory jpeg is release 6a of the The Independent JPEG Group's (IJG)
   10 free JPEG software with only the addition of a (dubious) Makefile.PL.
   12 This package is not distributed with perl/Tk due to different portability
   13 and licencing issues see jpeg/README for details of IJG's license.
   15 This version uses Tk wrapper code based on the Img extension to Tcl/Tk.
   17 The support for -data and passing options to read and write is incomplete.
   19 The Makefile.PL in jpeg directory just invokes IJG's GNU-ish
   20 'configure' script (on UNIX), and copies canned files into
   21 place on Win32. Thus some hand intervention may be required.
   22 Corrections to canned-file copying, and/or extension of that scheme
   23 to use more of IJG's canned examples for other perl ports welcome.
   25 That said :
   27 perl Makefile.PL
   28 make
   29 make test
   31 Should build it.
   33 Nick Ing-Simmons <nick@ing-simmons.net>