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    1 Updating the srs.db
    2 -------------------
    4 The srs.db can be updated from the EPSG codes in the
    5 GDAL installation:
    7 1) Install latest GDAL, be sure to configure with --with-python.
    8 2) Set PATH and PYTHONDIR if installed GDAL in non-standard location.
    9 3) Run 'scripts/qgis_srs.sh > new_srs.sql'. It may take a minute or two.
   10 4) Run 'sqlite3 new_srs.db < new_srs.sql'.'
   11 4) Run 'sqlite3 new_srs.db <postprocess_srs.sql'
   13 You can use sqlite3 to dump the contents from both srs.db and new_srs.db
   14 before you decide to commit.
   16 Magnus Homann 2009-08-19