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Building on Linux with mxe

With this approach you can cross build a Windows binary on Linux using MXE (M cross environment). You can find the build script and a README.md file in the ms-windows/mxe directory.

For now, Python buildings cannot be built with mxe.

Building with Docker

This is the simplest way, but you need to have Docker installed on your system.

You can use a Docker image to cross build QGIS by calling the script ms-windows/mxe/build.sh from the root directory of QGIS repository.

=== Building without Docker ====

This requires to install mxe toolchain on your system and build all dependencies by yourself.

Initial setup

Please follow the instructions on mxe website to setup your building toolchain http://mxe.cc/, take note of the path where you have installed mxe.

Building the dependencies

Please see README.md under ms-windows/mxe for detailed instructions and for the list of dependencies that need to be built in mxe before attempting to build QGIS.

Cross-Building QGIS

Edit the build-mxe.sh script and optionally adjust the path where your mxe installation is located, you can also change the build and release directories.

Testing QGIS

Copy and unzip on the Windows machine package produced by the build and launch the qgis binary: no installation is required.