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Getting started with Git

We are using Git version 2.9.0, but any recent version should be good. It's recommended to learn the git command-line tool for full cross-platform experience and a deeper understanding of Git itself.



Install Git for Windows.

During the installation process, choose these recommended settings:


Install by using the package manager on your system. A list of all the package managers and commands can be found here.

Interactive tutorials

There are (too) many Git tutorials on the internet. Here we post references to our favorites.

Hello World

If you're new to Git, learn the following commands: checkout, branch, pull, push, merge.

Use GitHub's Hello World to learn how to create a feature branch, commit changes, and issue a pull request.


Learn basic Git scenarios in the browser with interactive labs. Git lessons on katacoda.


Githug is a great gamified way to learn Git in couple hours. After finishing 50+ real-world scenarios you will have a pretty good idea about what and when you can do with Git.



On Windows, the best way to use Git securely is Git Credential Manager for Windows. It's included in the official Git installer for Windows.

Linux and macOS

If you do not have a preferred method of authentication, enable the storage credential helper, which will cache your credentials in plaintext on your system, so use a token.

git config --global credential.helper store

Alternatively, you can use SSH key. In this case, you may want to use git-ssh even for HTTPS Git URLs.

git config --global url.git@github.com:.insteadOf https://github.com/