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Documentation Migration

The docs folder in this repo contains a lot of documentation about the PowerShell source code and build environment. It also has contained documentation about installing and using PowerShell. That documentation belongs in the PowerShell/PowerShell-Docs repo.

We are in the process of migrating the user-focused articles to the docs repo. This file records which files have been migrated.


The following files have been moved to the PowerShell/PowerShell-Docs repo.

Original file location New location in PowerShell/PowerShell-Docs
docs/installation/linux.md reference/docs-conceptual/setup/Installing-PowerShell-Core-on-Linux.md
docs/installation/macos.md reference/docs-conceptual/setup/Installing-PowerShell-Core-on-macOS.md
docs/installation/windows.md reference/docs-conceptual/setup/Installing-PowerShell-Core-on-Windows.md
docs/BREAKINGCHANGES.md reference/docs-conceptual/whats-new/breaking-changes-ps6.md
docs/KNOWNISSUES.md reference/docs-conceptual/whats-new/known-issues-ps6.md