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Member "Pound-3.0.2/MKDIST.in" (28 Nov 2021, 623 Bytes) of package /linux/www/Pound-3.0.2.tgz:

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    1 #!/bin/sh
    2 #
    3 # Create archive
    4 #
    5 REL="Pound-@VERSION@"
    6 mkdir "$REL"
    7 mkdir "$REL"/build "$REL"/include "$REL"/man "$REL"/src "$REL"/pound
    8 cp CMakeLists.txt README.md MKDIST.in GPL.txt "$REL"
    9 cp build/.keep "$REL"/build
   10 cp include/pound.h.in include/utarray.h include/uthash.h include/hpack.h "$REL"/include
   11 cp man/pound.8 "$REL"/man
   12 cp src/backend.c src/config.c src/http.c src/http2.c src/pound.c src/util.c src/hpack.c "$REL"/src
   13 cp pound/pound.png pound/UTHASH.txt "$REL"/pound
   14 rm -f "$REL".tgz "$REL".asc
   15 tar -cvzf "$REL".tgz "$REL"
   16 rm -fr "$REL"
   17 #
   18 # Sign archive
   19 #
   20 gpg --output "$REL".asc --detach-sig --armor "$REL".tgz