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Installation Instructions

The installer will compile Python, Zope, and key required libraries from source on an as-needed basis. (Basic build tools and common libraries are required. See Utility Dependencies.

For different install options, please read our docs about all the different install options.

The non-root method produces an install that will run the Zope server with the same privileges as the installing user. This is probably not an acceptable security profile for a production server, but is much easier for testing and development purposes or if you take care to set users and privileges yourself.

The 'root' method produces an install that runs the Zope server as a distinct user identity with minimal privileges (unless you add them). Providing adequate security for a production server requires many more steps, but this is a better starting point.

The clustered (ZEO) setup will take advantage of multi-core CPUs and is recommended for a production deployment, while the standalone method is easier for development or testing.