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Member "Pansophica-src-1.3/BAF/scripts/change_boolean.sh" (10 Apr 2007, 312 Bytes) of package /linux/www/old/Pansophica-src-1.3-1.tar.gz:

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    1 #!/bin/bash
    3 ALL_FILES=`find . -name "*.[ch]"`
    5 for i in $ALL_FILES; do
    6     sed -e 's/boolean/BAF_BOOLEAN/g' "${i}" > "${i}.tmp"
    7     mv "${i}.tmp" "${i}"
    8     sed -e 's/FALSE/BAF_FALSE/g' "${i}" > "${i}.tmp"
    9     mv "${i}.tmp" "${i}"
   10     sed -e 's/TRUE/BAF_TRUE/g' "${i}" > "${i}.tmp"
   11     mv "${i}.tmp" "${i}"
   12 done