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    1 Credits (somewhat chronological, hmm... what else?):
    2 ----------------------------------------------------
    4 * Frank Kardel was the one to point my nose at NTP. He also wrote that
    5   fine DCF77 driver (among many others).
    7 * Dave Mills had to read a lot of my stupid questions and bug reports
    8   about NTP and PPS support.
   10 * Harlan Stenn volunteered to integrate my Linux patches in xntpd. He
   11   also made the package more widely accepted by converting the
   12   Makefile-mess to GNU autoconf.
   14 * Theodore Y. Ts'o finally told me where to start adding PPS support
   15   to the driver.  His very first patch made me start the project.
   17 * H. Peter Anvin ported my original patch forth to Linux 2.1, and
   18   he'll probably do it again...
   20 * Harald König gave several useful hints and supplied his patches.  He
   21   also fixed the terrible Y2K bug introduced in PPSkit-0.9.0.
   23 * Bill Broadley for trying out all the patches (and he never became
   24   perfectly happy....) Update: PPSkit-0.6.1 made him happy ;-)
   26 * Nigel Metheringham supplied an updated patch for sparc architecture
   27   and Linux-2.0.33.
   29 * Several people out there reading comp.protocols.time or linux-kernel
   30   volunteered in testing the new stuff.  Special thanks to Robert B. Hamilton
   31   <rbh041a@unix.tamu.edu> for the ``calibrate_tsc()'' fix.  Kjetil Barvik
   32   <kjetilba@ifi.uio.no> found another problem in an early nanokernel release.
   34 * Luis Batanero <luisba@roa.es> pointed out some bugs during
   35   implementation of the Linux nanokernel.
   37 * Daniel Haun <haund@usa.net> found a stupid error introduced with
   38   PPSkit-0.6.0 in fs/nfsd/nfssvc.c.
   40 * Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> pointed out that ``cpu_hz'' is also
   41   used if ``CONFIG_X86_TSC'' is not defined.
   43 * The people at Meinberg, Germany who provided test equipment
   44   (Meinberg GPS 167)
   46 * Reg Clemens <reg@dwf.com> contributed a patch to implement the
   47   brandnew PPS API (based on code written by Poul-Hennig Kamp for
   48   FreeBSD).  He also directed me towards the solution of the
   49   mysterious jitter problem.  Confirmed compilation problems with
   50   RedHat Linux 5/6.  Sent compile problems for DEC Alpha.  Suggested
   51   bug fixes for PPSkit-2.0.2.
   53 * ... so we list Poul-Hennig Kamp <phk@FreeBSD.org> too! In addition,
   54   we are honest and reproduce his ``"THE BEER-WARE LICENSE" (Revision 42)''
   55   in <linux/timepps.h>.
   57 * David Schwartz <davids@webmaster.com> reported success for
   58   ``GPS_NMEA'' after fixing a stupid bug (made by me).
   60 * Petri Mattila <petri@prihateam.fi> reported a bug for 0.9.0 (with
   61   even some analysis)!
   63 * John Sager <jcs@zoo.bt.co.uk> contributed a patch to fix compilation
   64   of the Alpha architecture.
   66 * Andrew Bray <andy@chaos.org.uk> contributed a egcs error analysis
   67   and an SMP patch for PPSkit-1.0.
   69 * The ``James & Charlotte Griffin Foundation'' <agriffin@cpcug.org>
   70   assigned an Achievement Award for the project.  Thanks a lot to all!
   72 * Jean Cyr <jcyr@dillobits.com> pointed out a problem with rounding
   73   microseconds in PPSkit-2.0.
   75 * Kasenna, Inc. (represented by Jeff Mock) sponsored PPSkit-2.1.2.