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    1 (Emacs: -*- indented-text -*-)
    3 			 A list of known bugs
    4 		Copyright (c) 1996 - 2000 Ulrich Windl
    5 		 <Ulrich.Windl@rz.uni-regensburg.de>
    6 		     $Date: 2001/03/12 20:35:56 $
    8 - Architectures other than i386 are possibly still incomplete, but
    9   should be rather straight forward (files <arch>/kernel/time.c,
   10   include/asm-<arch>/{ioctls.h,termios.h}).  See the changes made to
   11   the common files and for i386 architecture.
   13 - The line discipline code should be revised.
   15 - Some Linux extensions within ``adjtimex()'' (which happens to be
   16   used as ``ntp_adjtime()'') collided with bits newly introduced by
   17   the nanokernel.  Therefore the bits had to be moved, breaking binary
   18   compatibility for the following flags and routines:
   20   ``ADJ_TICKADJ'', adjtime().  The latter two collide with
   21   ``STA_NANO'' and ``STA_CLK''.  Fortunately the first one can be
   22   mapped to the correct function while the last two are quite rarely
   23   used.
   25 - If compilation fails, please check if ``<sys/timex.h>'' really is
   26   ``/usr/src/linux/include/timex.h''.  Some glibc-2.1 systems ship
   27   their own version of ``<sys/timex.h>''.  Reg Clemens <reg@dwf.com>
   28   confirmed that RedHat 6.0 (and 5.x, too) systems show this bug.
   30 - If the serial port is closed, all special flags are reset; if the
   31   port is opened again, the interrupt enable register may loose the
   32   bit for modem status changes, causing high jitter.
   34 - egcs-2.91.66 seems to optimize even inline-assembler, occasionally
   35   producing illegal assembler code. Using gcc-2.95.2 will fix that
   36   problem. Alternatively adding ``__volatile__'' in front of
   37   ``__asm__'' seems to do for egcs as well.
   39 - Using extended serial port options (like ``MANY_PORTS'') causes very
   40   high jitter for receive time stamps.