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Member "OpenSP-1.5.2/lib/iso8859-5.h" (21 Jul 2005, 799 Bytes) of package /linux/misc/old/OpenSP-1.5.2.tar.gz:

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    1 /* ISO 8859-5 */
    2 96, 0x0020,
    3 0x00a0, 0x0401, 0x0402, 0x0403, 0x0404, 0x0405, 0x0406, 0x0407,
    4 0x0408, 0x0409, 0x040a, 0x040b, 0x040c, 0x00ad, 0x040e, 0x040f,
    5 0x0410, 0x0411, 0x0412, 0x0413, 0x0414, 0x0415, 0x0416, 0x0417,
    6 0x0418, 0x0419, 0x041a, 0x041b, 0x041c, 0x041d, 0x041e, 0x041f,
    7 0x0420, 0x0421, 0x0422, 0x0423, 0x0424, 0x0425, 0x0426, 0x0427,
    8 0x0428, 0x0429, 0x042a, 0x042b, 0x042c, 0x042d, 0x042e, 0x042f,
    9 0x0430, 0x0431, 0x0432, 0x0433, 0x0434, 0x0435, 0x0436, 0x0437,
   10 0x0438, 0x0439, 0x043a, 0x043b, 0x043c, 0x043d, 0x043e, 0x043f,
   11 0x0440, 0x0441, 0x0442, 0x0443, 0x0444, 0x0445, 0x0446, 0x0447,
   12 0x0448, 0x0449, 0x044a, 0x044b, 0x044c, 0x044d, 0x044e, 0x044f,
   13 0x2116, 0x0451, 0x0452, 0x0453, 0x0454, 0x0455, 0x0456, 0x0457,
   14 0x0458, 0x0459, 0x045a, 0x045b, 0x045c, 0x00a7, 0x045e, 0x045f,
   15 0