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Member "NetPIPE-3.7.2/.hgtags" (19 Aug 2010, 442 Bytes) of package /linux/privat/old/NetPIPE-3.7.2.tar.gz:

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    1 4f11b3127b58b8b8e82615d3e18bda7b2ee94516 NetPIPE-3.7-rc1
    2 5ec01b2db8922dd19826003ee9a0c17f5b4e2603 NetPIPE-3.7-rc3
    3 ed436b6c0924c212360d8985a62cc699c9e2f86d NetPIPE-3.7-rc3
    4 e32e07936de51f9dc98f99250a05e211fa603aa6 NetPIPE-3.7
    5 92f7fa506a3e300ee03dd8139d122e27753ef90f NetPIPE-3.7
    6 30025f824ab88346d527cf5f15cfd9aae417ea76 NetPIPE-3.7.1
    7 68707b94a1592ea2e5351911279fed0768e64e6e NetPIPE-3.7.2
    8 14db560ce8b42fc3e6526994243cd58936228116 NetPIPE-3.7.2