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About This Manual


This manual contains information about installing and administering the Metadot Platform. This guide is intended for administrators who are responsible for installing, customizing, and maintaining a Metadot Portal site.

For the latest information, please refer to the README.txt file on the distribution media.

New users who want to learn how the Metadot Portal works, should refer to the online tutorial packaged with the distribution media. You may also view the tutorial at our online site.

Document Conventions

Unless otherwise noted, the following text conventions are used in this manual:

Bold Words appearing in bold are typically one of the following: menu names, form names, options, buttons, statements, and so on.


Italics Words appearing in italics are variables that you must replace with appropriate values, such as filenames, usernames, passwords, and so on.


Courier Words appearing in courier, or fixed-fonts, are words that must be input by the user.


Links Words with an underline are links. Clicking on a link takes you to that topic.


Instructions that do not need to be carried out in any specific order.


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