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    1 * sendmail-milter
    3   If you run sendmail, this milter will plug right in.
    4   You don't need to run spfd.
    6   You do, however, need to give the milter an "mx" argument
    7   if your MTA serves as the primary MX for domains which
    8   have secondary MXes that you don't know about.  When a
    9   secondary MX relays mail to you, you want to bypass SPF
   10   checks.  With an "mx" argument, the milter will look at
   11   each recipient's domain and detects if the connecting
   12   client is a secondary MX.  If you don't understand what
   13   this means, you probably don't need to do this.
   15 * exim-acl
   17   If you use Exim 4, this ACL will plug right in.
   18   You will need to run spfd for this ACL to talk to.
   20 * postfix-policyd-spf
   22   If you run a recent version of Postfix, this policy server
   23   will plug right in.  You don't need to run spfd.