You can copy your image from this site to a remote server. You will need to specify the remote server and account information as described here.

FTP server name
The domain name of the web server you wish to upload to. Please note that free homepage services generally use different domain name for their FTP service other than the normal WWW server. For instance, the one GeoCities uses for FTP is, not

If the target FTP server you are uploading to is using a non-standard FTP port number (default is 21), you will need to specify it explicitly. The way to do that is placing a colon (:) after the FTP domain name, followed by the special port number. For example:

Account Name
You need to specify your account name in the FTP server. On some FTP servers like GeoCities, you need to specify your real member account name. On other servers using anonymous account, you just type anonymous. Please check their FTP upload information page for sure.

Account password
Type in your password for the account name so that the system can use the FTP to upload data for you. The typed-in password will not be kept in any record for security reasons, and to protect both you (the user of this service) and me (the owner of this service). On servers using anonymous account, you can just type your username and domain name. For example,

Upload directory
This is only for those servers which require you to type the upload directory address, eg: /members/jane. For some servers such as GeoCities this is not required because the actual upload directory is automatically resolved by the account name, but GeoCities is now capable of an exact address uploading, you'd better still give it your address so that it can upload directly to where you want much faster, for instance /SiliconValley/Lab/1000.

You can specify a new name for the file to upload to your site. Otherwise the file will be uploaded with its original name. Do not specify any slash (/) or space in this field.