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Jour Fixe Proposal to introduce a centralizes UI-Framework for ILIAS.

We suggest the following rules for the ILIAS UI framework. The UI framework currently is in a construction phase. The current form of the rules therefore represents the best effort for the current state of the framework. It therefore is likely that there will be additions to or refinements of the rules in the (near) future. Everyone using the rules is invited to critically reflect the rules and propose changes.



Introduction of new UI components

Modification of existing UI components

Rules for Consumers

Rules for Implementors

Interfaces to Factories

The interface to the main factory is .

Interfaces to UI components

The term Path means the chain of successive calls to methods of factories leading to the creation of a UI component and starting at the main factory.

Implementations of Factories

Implementations of UI components

Implementations of Renderers for UI components.

Locations of resources

The term ‘resources’ means templates, less, css or javascript code that is required to render a certain component.

There most propably will be changes in the handling of resources in the future, as the seems to be the need to introduce some common patterns for handling javascript or compiling css from different less files.