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Table of Contents * Purpose * Architecture * Implementing a Provider * Implementing a Player


A kiosk mode is understood to be a special mode to display certain applications, or in the context of ILIAS, certain views in an application where the user gets less control over the application or feature than usual. This is traditionally used for the unsupervised operation of the application at public locations like museums or train stations, where the user e.g. should not be able to perform otherwise common operations like closing a window or shutting down the system.

Similar requirements arise in ILIAS for different objects and different scenarios:

This library facilitates the implementation of objects that can be viewed in a kiosk mode and of features that display these objects in a kiosk mode. The provided means aim to make it possible for objects to implement a kiosk mode only once and then be used by all features that need to display objects in that kiosk mode. On the other hand, features that require viewing other objects in a kiosk mode should be able to use all objects that implement a kiosk mode.

This library does neither implement the kiosk-mode for certain objects, nor implements a view on these objects. It rather provides interfaces that describe how consumers and providers of a kiosk mode should collaborate and functionality that helps to implement both sides of the collaboration.

This library is complemented by the Kiosk-Mode-Service that provides functionality to construct views for certain objects and concrete database functionality.


A provider of a kiosk mode is an ILIAS-object that may be viewed in in a kiosk mode. A player is any feature of ILIAS that wants to display ILIAS-objects in the reduced way defined by the kiosk mode.

The player may request a view for a certain provider at the kiosk mode service. The view then is the exclusive way for the player and the provider to communicate.

The view implements the following functionality to display and control the providing object via the kiosk mode:

The player in turn uses that functions of the view to display and execute the kiosk mode of the object:

Implementing a Provider

Please use ilKioskModeView in Services\KioskMode\classes\ as a base to implement this for ILIAS-objects.

Implementing a Player