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    1 <?php
    2 // BEGIN WebDAV
    3 // This page is required to support Microsoft WebDAV clients with ILIAS.
    5 // Note: Put this page at the root of the website and rename it to index.php.
    7 // We MUST block WebDAV requests on the root page of the Web-Server
    8 // in order to make the "Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir" client work with ILIAS.
    9 // If we don't do this, the client will display a non-working login-dialog.
   13     // Block WebDAV Requests from "Microsoft WebDAV MiniRedir" client.
   14     $status = '404 Not Found';
   15     header("HTTP/1.1 $status");
   16     header("X-WebDAV-Status: $status", true);
   17     exit;
   18 } else {
   19     // Redirect browser to the ILIAS Start page
   20     header("Location: /ilias/index.php");
   21     exit;
   22 }
   23 // END WebDAV