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Docs Guidelines

This guidelines direct authors in creating, naming and writing files providing information such as guidelines, how-tos, tutorials, examples or abouts. If you want to propose changes to any of the doc files, please make a PR agains trunk and label it with ‘JourFixe’. Further, please consult the contributing guideline for more information about collaborating in this project.


When such new information is to be added, the following points need to be considered concerning the location of this information:



Table of Contents (Markdown)

To maintain a TOC the Sublime Edit plugin MarkdownTOC MAY be used, other Tools are welcome as well. If MarkdownTOC is used, the TOC SHOULD be initiated with the following attributes:

<!-- MarkdownTOC depth=0 autolink="true" bracket="round" autoanchor="true" style="ordered" indent="   " -->