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WebDAV Service

WebDAV or Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning is an extension to HTTP. This service implements a WebDAV interface to the ILIAS-Repository. Since ILIAS version 5.4, the sabreDAV library from sabre-io is used to handle the HTTP-Requests. This services implements functionality behind this requests.

Table of Contents


TL;DR The WebDAV Service is used to add the ILIAS-Repository to your explorer like an external drive. Instead of opening a Webbrowser to browse through the ILIAS-Repositry, you can do it with any WebDAV client. For example:

But everything has its price. Since WebDAV ist just an abstraction to the ILIAS-Repositry, there are some limitations. That means, WebDAV does not replace the use of the ILIAS-Website. It is just meant for simple interaction with the repository like:

For more about the limitations, see chapter xyz

A short overview to WebDAV

WebDAV (short for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is an extension of HTTP that allows clients to perform remote web content authoring operations. It is defined in RFC 4918. Following additional requests are defined by WebDAV (normal context = defined by wikipedias):

How to read this documentation?

There are different ways to read this documentation. Depending on which information you are looking for, there are different chapters that could be interessting to you.

Are you interested in…

SabreDAV and its interfaces

SabreDAV server

Virtual filesystem

SabreDAV locks vs. ILIAS locks



The dav-folder contains all the classes that are needed for the virtual filesystem.





The auth-folder contains all classes that are needed to authenticate the user in a webdav request.






put (create file)



move and move

lock / unlock


The keywords in this documentation are defined like in RFC 4918.

WebDAV Service

This means the ILIAS implementation of the WebDAV interface

WebDAV request

All requests on webdav.php in the ILIAS-Root are handled as WebDAV requests


Library used to handle WebDAV requests