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Member "HTTPing-2.9/nc.h" (29 Oct 2022, 694 Bytes) of package /linux/www/HTTPing-2.9.tar.gz:

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    1 #include <ncurses.h>
    3 extern char win_resize;
    4 extern char draw_phase;
    6 void init_ncurses_ui(double graph_limit_in, double hz_in, char use_colors);
    7 void end_ncurses(void);
    8 void fast_log(const char *fmt, ...);
    9 void slow_log(const char *fmt, ...);
   10 void my_beep(void);
   11 void update_terminal(void);
   12 void status_line(char *fmt, ...);
   13 void update_stats(stats_t *resolve, stats_t *connect, stats_t *request, stats_t *total, stats_t *ssl_setup, int n_ok, int n_fail, const char *last_connect_str, const char *fp, char use_tfo, char dg, stats_t *st_to, stats_t *tcp_rtt_stats, int re_tx, int pmtu, int tos, stats_t *close_st, stats_t *t_write, int n_cookies, char abbreviate, stats_t *stats_header_size);