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    1 FunctionCheck is now splited into two parts:
    2   - the profiler itself, which generates profile data files
    3       called FunctionCheck (this archive)
    4   - the dump program that convert profile data files into
    5       human readable informations called FunctionDump
    7 They are two reasons for that:
    8   - it is easier to deal with automake/autoconf/configure
    9       with this architecture
   10   - some may want to have the profiler and treat themselve
   11       the profile data files, as the file format is quiet
   12       easy to read and understand
   14 Jan 2002:
   15   * I finished my PhD thesis last december. I have time
   16       to work on functioncheck.
   17   * starting from scratch the devel. of V3.0 version to
   18       include many new ideas and patches from me and other
   19       contributors.
   21 See ChangeLog for more details.