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    1 ============================
    2 Django 1.11.22 release notes
    3 ============================
    5 *July 1, 2019*
    7 Django 1.11.22 fixes a security issue in 1.11.21.
    9 CVE-2019-12781: Incorrect HTTP detection with reverse-proxy connecting via HTTPS
   10 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
   12 When deployed behind a reverse-proxy connecting to Django via HTTPS,
   13 :attr:`django.http.HttpRequest.scheme` would incorrectly detect client
   14 requests made via HTTP as using HTTPS. This entails incorrect results for
   15 :meth:`~django.http.HttpRequest.is_secure`, and
   16 :meth:`~django.http.HttpRequest.build_absolute_uri`, and that HTTP
   17 requests would not be redirected to HTTPS in accordance with
   18 :setting:`SECURE_SSL_REDIRECT`.
   20 ``HttpRequest.scheme`` now respects :setting:`SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER`, if it
   21 is configured, and the appropriate header is set on the request, for both HTTP
   22 and HTTPS requests.
   24 If you deploy Django behind a reverse-proxy that forwards HTTP requests, and
   25 that connects to Django via HTTPS, be sure to verify that your application
   26 correctly handles code paths relying on ``scheme``, ``is_secure()``,
   27 ``build_absolute_uri()``, and ``SECURE_SSL_REDIRECT``.