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CGAL 4.14.2 - Optimal Distances
CGAL::Polytope_distance_d_traits_d< K, ET, NT > Class Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Polytope_distance_d_traits_d.h>


The class Polytope_distance_d_traits_d is a traits class for the \( d\)-dimensional optimisation algorithms using the \( d\)-dimensional CGAL kernel.

Template Parameters
Kmust be a model for Kernel.
ETNT must be models for RingNumberType. Their default is K::RT.
Is Model Of:
See also


typedef unspecified_type Point_d
 typedef to K::Point_d.
typedef unspecified_type Rep_tag
 typedef to K::Rep_tag.
typedef unspecified_type RT
 typedef to K::RT.
typedef unspecified_type FT
 typedef to K::FT.
typedef unspecified_type Access_dimension_d
 typedef to K::Access_dimension_d.
typedef unspecified_type Access_coordinates_begin_d
 typedef to K::Access_coordinates_begin_d.
typedef unspecified_type Construct_point_d
 typedef to K::Construct_point_d.
typedef unspecified_type ET
 second template parameter (default is K::RT).
typedef unspecified_type NT
 third template parameter (default is K::RT).


 Polytope_distance_d_traits_d ()
 default constructor.
 Polytope_distance_d_traits_d (const Polytope_distance_d_traits_d< K, ET, NT > &)
 copy constructor.


The following functions just return the corresponding function class object.

Access_dimension_d access_dimension_d_object () const
Access_coordinates_begin_d access_coordinates_begin_d_object () const
Construct_point_d construct_point_d_object () const