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CGAL 4.14.2 - 2D Conforming Triangulations and Meshes
Class and Concept List
Here is the list of all concepts and classes of this package. Classes are inside the namespace CGAL. Concepts are in the global namespace.
[detail level 12]
 CDelaunay_mesh_criteria_2The class Delaunay_mesh_criteria_2 is a model for the MeshingCriteria_2 concept
 CDelaunay_mesh_face_base_2The class Delaunay_mesh_face_base_2 is a model for the concept DelaunayMeshFaceBase_2
 CDelaunay_mesh_size_criteria_2The class Delaunay_mesh_size_criteria_2 is a model for the MeshingCriteria_2 concept
 CDelaunay_mesh_vertex_base_2The class Delaunay_mesh_vertex_base_2 is a model for the concept DelaunayMeshVertexBase_2
 CDelaunay_mesher_2This class implements a 2D mesh generator
 CTriangulation_conformer_2The class Triangulation_conformer_2 is an auxiliary class of Delaunay_mesher_2<CDT>
 CConformingDelaunayTriangulationTraits_2The concept ConformingDelaunayTriangulationTraits_2 refines the concept ConstrainedDelaunayTriangulationTraits_2 by providing a numeric field type FT, a type Vector_2 and several constructors on Vector_2, Point_2, and a predicate on angles. The field type has to be a model of the concept FieldWithSqrt. This field type and the constructors are used by the conforming algorithm to compute Steiner points on constrained edges
 CDelaunayMeshFaceBase_2The concept DelaunayMeshFaceBase_2 refines the concept TriangulationFaceBase_2. It adds two functions giving access to a Boolean marker, that indicates if the face is in the meshing domain or not
 CDelaunayMeshTraits_2The concept DelaunayMeshTraits_2 refines the concept ConformingDelaunayTriangulationTraits_2. It provides a construction object Construct_circumcenter_2
 CDelaunayMeshVertexBase_2The concept DelaunayMeshVertexBase_2 refines the concept TriangulationVertexBase_2. It adds two functions giving access to a double marker, that is useful for the mesh optimizers to keep the mesh density everywhere while modifying the mesh
 CMeshingCriteria_2The concept MeshingCriteria_2 defines the meshing criteria to be used in the algorithm. It provides a predicate Is_bad that tests a triangle according to criteria. The return type of Is_bad is an enum Mesh_2::Face_badness