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CGAL 4.14.2 - Intersecting Sequences of dD Iso-oriented Boxes
CGAL::Box_intersection_d::Box_traits_d< BoxHandle > Struct Template Reference

#include <CGAL/Box_intersection_d/Box_traits_d.h>


This is the default traits class for the intersection algorithms for iso-oriented boxes.

There are actually three versions depending on the type of BoxHandle; there is one if BoxHandle is a class type and there are two if BoxHandle is a pointer type, one for a mutable and one for a const pointer, respectively.

This class implements the mapping from its BoxHandle argument to the Box_parameter type required in the BoxIntersectionTraits_d concept. In particular in the case where BoxHandle is a class type B, it defines Box_parameter to be of type const B&, while for the other cases it just uses the pointer type.

Template Parameters
BoxHandleis either a class type B, a pointer B*, or a const-pointer const B*, where B is a model of the BoxIntersectionBox_d concept.
Is Model Of:
See also
CGAL::Box_intersection_d::Box_d<NT,int D,IdPolicy>


 Box_traits_d ()
 default constructor.