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CGAL 4.14.2 - Intersecting Sequences of dD Iso-oriented Boxes
BoxIntersectionTraits_d Concept Reference


The BoxIntersectionTraits_d concept is used for the intersection algorithms for sequences of iso-oriented boxes. This concept defines the access functions to the dimension, the id-number, and the boundaries of the boxes manipulated in these algorithms.




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typedef unspecified_type Box_parameter
 type used for passing box parameters in the functions below. More...
typedef unspecified_type NT
 number type to represent the box boundaries. More...
typedef unspecified_type ID
 type for the id-number, model of the LessThanComparable concept.
static int dimension ()
 returns the dimension of the box.
static ID id (Box_parameter box)
 returns the unique id-number for the box.
static NT min_coord (Box_parameter box, int d)
 returns the lower boundary of the box in dimension d, \( 0 \leq\)d \( < \)dimension().
static NT max_coord (Box_parameter box, int d)
 returns the upper boundary of the box in dimension d, \( 0 \leq\)d \( < \)dimension().

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Box_parameter

type used for passing box parameters in the functions below.

Since we support in our algorithms passing the boxes by value as well as passing them as pointers, this type can be either const B&, B*, or const B* respectively, where B is the actual box type. The difference to the box handle type lies in the first case where the box handle would be B where this type is const B&.

◆ NT

number type to represent the box boundaries.

Allowed are the built-in types int, unsigned int, float, and double.