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    1 - Document the API Apache::Session expects you to implement for new                 
    2   stores, lockers, serializers, and generators.                                     
    3 - Make interfaces more abstract so using a tied hash is not the only                
    4   easily accessible option.                                                         
    5 - Review and expand test coverage as much as possible (anybody have                 
    6   a spare Sybase or Oracle?).                                                       
    7 - Address anything at                                                               
    8   http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/Bugs.html?Dist=Apache-Session                           
    9 - Address anything in http://cpanratings.perl.org/d/Apache-Session                  
   10   appropriately.                                                                    
   11 - Review and apply suggestions and patches from contributors.                       
   12 - Form a secret cabal to get the cpanrating up to 4.5 stars.                        
   13 - Work with any testing monkeys that the Phalanx project brings me,                 
   14   http://qa.perl.org/phalanx/distros.html                                           
   15 - Always precede a release with as many dev releases as necessary                   
   16   (is this getting too detailed?).                                                  
   17 - Generally treat the distribution with great care because it is                    
   18   widely used.