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    1 For this template to work the first two of the following options are a necessity, option three and four only completes the
    2 design.  Option two should of course be hacked to fit the EXIF from your camera.
    4 Remember to copy the new gallery.css to your DocumentRoot as well.
    6 PerlSetVar  GalleryEXIFMode         'variables'
    7 PerlSetVar  GalleryInfo             'Model => Model, Timestamp => DateTimeOriginal, Exposure Time => ExposureTime, ISO Speed Rating => ISOSpeedRatings, Focal Length => FocalLength, ApertureValue => ApertureValue, Flash => Flash'
    8 PerlSetVar  GalleryThumbnailSize    '140x105'
    9 PerlSetVar  GalleryThumbnailSizeLS  1