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Important information: Automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirection on Fossies

As of October 20, 2016 the Fossies server is now only be accessible by using the secured HTTPS protocol to make sure the exchanged information and data are always protected. Additionally the HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) policy was implemented.

Correspondingly Fossies now automatically redirects all still incoming HTTP requests to HTTPS.

So you will see now hopefully always the closed (green) padlock - indicating a fully secure page - in your address bar if you accesses the Fossies server like for e.g.


also if you have requested originally a now obsolete HTTP Fossies URL (since the Fossies server has redirected your browser to the according HTTPS URL using an HTTP status code 301 "Moved Permanently").

A hint: If for some strange reasons you need to access the Fossies data still by the HTTP protocol you may use for a limited period instead of the native host name the alternate name and URLs like http://fresh‑

For technical reasons HTTP/2 is on Fossies currently not yet supported.

If you have some comments or detect some related problems or even errors so please inform us by sending an e-mail to

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