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Fossies: File extensions description list

The following 936 file extension or suffixes descriptions are used for Fossies <TITLE>-based tooltips in the extension-sorted archive contents files (index_ax.html).

For further file extension descriptions you may look for e.g. at

and/or where some information were found to build parts of the initial version of the list below.

If you have improvements or additions for the Fossies file extension description list or detect errors so please inform us.

File Extension File Type Description
.$$$Temporary file
.0Manual page (header files)
.1Manual page (general)
.1stImportant information/instructions
.2Manual page (system calls)
.3Manual page (library calls)
.3dmRhino 3D model (3D Image)
.3ds3D Studio scene (3D Image)
.3g23GPP2 multimedia (Video)
.3gp3GPP multimedia (Video)
.4Manual page (special files)
.5Manual page (file formats)
.6Manual page (games)
.7Manual page (miscellaneous)
.7z7-Zip compressed file
.8Manual page (system administration)
.9Manual page (kernel routines)
.906Calcomp plotter
.CC++ (C) source code
.DESDescription Text or ...
.HC++ (C) header
.PRJProject file
.TFMTagged Font Metric
.W32Partly native Windows makefile
.aLinux/Unix static library
.aacAdvanced Audio Coding (Mac)
.abcA Program's Master Index
.abkCorelDRAW auto backup
.acAutomake (autoconf macro/template)
.accdbAccess 2007 Database File
.aclAccess Control List or AutoCorrect List or CorelDRAW keyboard accelerator
.adAfter Dark image
.adaAda source code
.adbAda implementation file
.adcAda specification file
.admAfter Dark MultiModule
.adocAsciiDoc plain text (formatting)
.adrAfter Dark Randomizer
.affAffix rules (hunspell) or Advanced Forensics Format disk image
.afmAdobe font metrics (Type 1)
.ag4Access G4 document imaging
.aiAdobe Illustrator graphics or Encapsulated PostScript header
.aifAudio Interchange File Format
.aifcDigital audio (Mac)
.aixIBM AIX operating system related
.ajaxAsynchronous JavaScript And XML
.albJASC Image Commander
.amAutomake file (or Sybase Advantage Database Server)
.aniAnimated cursor
.annWindows help annotations
.ansANSI text
.apkAndroid Package (executable)
.appMac OS X application (executable)
.arbA translation format (Google)
.arcARC, ARC+ compressed archive
.arjCompressed archive (Jung)
.artXara Studio drawing
.asaASP info
.ascASCII file (or AsciiDoc)
.asciidocAsciiDoc plain text (formatting)
.asdWord temporary document
.asfAdvanced Systems Format (Video)
.asmAssembly source code
.asn1Abstract Syntax Notation One
.aspActive Server Page (Web)
.aspxActive Server Page Extended File (Web)
.asxMicrosoft ASF Redirector File (Video)
.attAT&T Group IV fax
.attrAttributes file
.auDigital audio (Sun)
.auxAuxiliary File (LaTeX?)
.aviAudio Video Interleave File (Microsoft?)
.awkAwk script
.axdActrix drawing
.bakBackup File
.basBASIC source code
.baseTemplate (configuration, language, Apple?)
.bashBash shell script
.batMS-DOS, OS/2 Batch File
.bfcWindows briefcase document
.bibBibliography document (BibTeX?)
.binBinary Disc Image (or Driver)
.bm1Apogee BioMenace
.bmkWindows help bookmarks
.bmlBookmark library (SyncURL)
.bmpBitmap Image
.bmsBlackMagic script
.borBorland C++ related ?
.brkBrooktrout fax
.bs1Apogee Blake Stone
.btm4NT batch file
.bupDVD Info File Backup
.bzBzip2 compressed
.bz2Bzip2 compressed
.cC (C++) source code
.cabMS Windows Cabinet (compressed?)
.cabalHaskell Cabal definitions
.calMS Windows calendar or CALS raster and vector formats or SuperCalc spreadsheet
.capVentura Pub. captions
.cbrComic Book RAR Archive
.ccC++ source code
.ccbVisual Basic animated button
.cchCorel Chart
.cdaCD audio track
.cdrCorelDRAW vector graphics
.cdtCorelDRAW template
.cdxCorelDRAW compressed drawing or FoxPro and Clipper index
.cerInternet Security Certificate (Web)
.cfgConfiguration File
.cfmColdFusion Markup File (Web)
.cgiCommon Gateway Interface Script
.cgmCGM vector graphics
.ch3Harvard Graphics chart
.chkDOS/Windows corrupted file (Chkdsk)
.chmMS Windows HTML Help data (LZX compressed?)
.chpVentura Pub. chapter
.cifVentura Pub. chapter info
.citIntergraph scanned image
.classJava Class File
.cliCommand Line Interface or Command Language Interpreter
.cljClojure source code
.clpWindows clipboard
.clsVisual Basic class module
.cmaOCaml library file
.cmakeCMake Language input file
.cmdCompiler command file
.cmfCorel metafile
.cmoOCaml object file
.cmpJPEG bitmap, LEAD bitmap or RichLink composed format
.cmvCorel Presentation Exchange
.cmxCorel clip art
.cnfConfiguration (Network, OpenSSL, MySQL, ...)
.cntWindows help contents
.cobCOBOL source code or Truespace 3-D file
.comDOS command file (executable)
.confConfiguration file
.cpdFax cover document
.cpeFax cover document
.cpiDOS code page
.cpioCPIO archive
.cplWindows Control Panel Item or Corel color palette
.cppC++ Source Code
.cprKnowledge Access bitmap or Corel Presents presentation
.cptCorel Photopaint image
.cpxCorel Presentation Exchange
.crdCardfile file
.crdownloadChrome Partially Downloaded File
.crlCertificate Revocation List
.crpCorel Presents runtime presentation
.crtCertificate file
.crxChrome Extension
.csVisual C# Source Code
.cscCorel script
.cshC shell script (or Photoshop Custom Shape)
.csrCertificate Signing Request
.cssCascading Style Sheet (Web)
.csvComma Separated Values File (Data)
.ctScitex CT bitmap
.cuCUDA (NVIDIA) sourec code
.cueCue Sheet File (Disk Image)
.curWindows CursorImage
.cutDr. Halo bitmap
.cv5Canvas 5 vector/bitmap
.cxxC++ language file
.dD source code or DTrace or data or ...
.dartDart source code
.datGeneral data file
.dataGeneral data file
.dbDatabase file
.dbfdBASE database
.dbtdBASE text
.dbxDATABEAM bitmap
.dcaIBM text
.dcmDICOM medical image
.dcsColor separated EPS format
.dcxIntel fax image
.ddlData Definition Language (database, SQL)
.ddsDirectDraw Surface (Raster Image)
.debDebian Software Package (compressed)
.defDefinition file (Win32 library?)
.defsDefinition file
.demVideo Game Demo
.depDependency file (or deployment)
.depsDependency file
.derDigital certificate (Distinguished Encoding Rules format)
.deskthemepackWindows 8 Desktop Theme Pack
.dgAutotrol vector graphics
.dgnIntergraph vector graphics
.diaDIA UML diagram or Diagraph graphics
.dibWindows DIB bitmap
.diffDifference file (GNU diff?)
.dirsDirectories list (Debian?)
.discoPublishing and Discovering Web Services
.distConfiguration file template (?)
.divxDivX encoded video
.dj2DJGPP v2 related
.dlgWin32 dialog resource
.dllWindows Dynamic Link Library
.dmgMac OS X Disk Image
.dmpWindows Memory Dump
.dnsblDNS Blacklist
.doapDescription Of A Project (XML/RDF format)
.docMicrosoft Word Document
.docmMicrosoft Word Open XML Macro-Enabled Document
.docsDocumentation files list (Debian?)
.docxMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.donContains successful message following the execution of bmp
.dotWord template or Graphviz language
.dotxMicrosoft Word Open XML Document Template
.doxMultiMate V4.0 document
.doxyDoxygen configuration file
.dpcSource dependency file containing list of dependencies
.dpiPointline bitmap
.dpjJava source dependency file
.drvDevice Driver
.drwDesigner vector graphics (Version 2.x, 3.x)
.ds4Designer vector graphics (Version 4.x)
.dsfDesigner vector graphics (Version 6.x)
.dspMicrosoft Developer Studio Project (Visual C++)
.dswMicrosoft Developer Studio Workspace (Visual C++)
.dtdDocument Type Definition
.dumpLibrary symbols
.dviDeVice Independent document (TeX)
.dwgAutoCAD Drawing Database
.dxAutotrol document imaging
.dxfDrawing Exchange Format File (CAD)
.dxpExports definition file
.eclEmacs Compiled Lisp code
.ed5EDMICS bitmap (DOD)
.elEmacs Lisp code
.elcEmacs Compiled Lisp
.elfExecutable and Linkable Format
.elf4Executable and Linkable Format (libc4?)
.emfEnhanced Windows metafile
.emlOutlook Express Electronic Mail (Microsoft)
.emxMS DOS extender or eMusic file?
.encEncrypted or character set encoding file
.engEnglish language file or dictionary
.entSGML entities (character mapping)
.eotWEFT Embedded OpenType File (Microsoft ?)
.epsEncapsulated PostScript
.epubE-book standard file format
.erbEmbedded Ruby code
.errError messages
.erlErlang source code
.esiEsri plot file (vector)
.evyEnvoy document
.exeWindows executable
.expExport file (?)
.expectExpected test output (PHP?)
.expectfExpected test output with substitution strings (PHP?)
.exsdExtension Point Schema (Eclipse)
.fFortran source code
.f03Fortran 2003 source code
.f08Fortran 2008 source code
.f90Fortran 90 source code
.f95Fortran 95 source code
.faxVarious fax formats
.fdxForce index
.fh3Freehand 3
.figXfig image format or ...
.fishFish Shell or 3D Fish Tank
.flaAdobe Flash Animation
.flacFree Lossless Audio Codec
.flcAutodesk animation
.fldHijaak thumbnail folder
.flexFLEX (Fast LEXical analyzer generator) specification
.fliAutodesk animation
.fltFilter (graphics conversion?)
.flvFlash Video
.fm3Format info for 1-2-3 Version 3
.fmtFormat file (dBASE screen?)
.fmvFrameMaker raster & vector graphics
.fntWindows font
.fodgOpenDocument Graphics
.fodpOpenDocument Presentation
.fodsOpenDocument Spreadsheet
.fodtOpenDocument Text
.fogFontographer font
.fonGeneric Font File (or Telephone file)
.fontFont file
.forFORTRAN source code
.formHTML form file
.fotWindows TrueType font info
.foxFoxBase compiled program
.fpCDE Front Panel file
.fp1Flying Pigs for Windows data
.fpxFlashPix bitmap
.fragMicrosoft XPS document fragment or fragment shader file
.frmdBASE report layout
.ftgWindows help file links
.ftsWindows help text search index
.g4GTX RasterCAD (raster into vector)
.g95G95 fortran compiler related
.gadgetWindows Gadget (executable)
.galCorel Multimedia Manager album
.gamSaved Game File
.gbrGerber File (DATA)
.gcaIBM MO:DCA - GOCA vector graphics
.gccGNU gcc compiler related
.gdbDatabase format (Borland?)
.gdfGDDM format
.gedGEDCOM Genealogy Data or Arts & Letters graphics
.gemGEM vector graphics
.gfiGenigraphics presentation link
.gfxGenigraphics presentation link
.gidWindows help global index
.gifGraphical Interchange Format
.gimGenigraphics presentation link
.gixGenigraphics presentation link
.glslOpenGL Shader Language (?)
.gmoMachine Object (GNU gettext)
.gnaGenigraphics presentation link
.gnxGenigraphics presentation link
.goGo programming language
.gp4CALS Group IV - ITU Group IV
.gpgGNU Privacy Guard
.gplGeneral Public Licence (GNU) or GIMP palette
.gpxGPS Exchange File
.graMicrosoft graph
.grfMicrografx Charisma vector graphics
.grpWindows ProgMan Group
.guessGNU script (guess type of build system) or ...
.gwxGenigraphics presentation link
.gwzGenigraphics presentation link
.gx1Show Partner bitmap
.gx2Show Partner bitmap
.gypChromium (Generate Your Projects) configuration data
.gypiChromium (Generate Your Projects) include file
.gzGNU Zipped file
.hC/C++/Objective-C Header (Java Header)
.h5Hierarchical Data Format 5
.hdlGenerated C header or header declaration
.he5Hierarchical Data Format 5
.hedHighEdit document
.hexHexadecimal Source or BinHex encoded
.hglHP Graphics language
.hhC++ header
.hidHelp ID file
.hinHeader INclude or HyperChem file
.hlpHelp text (MS Help LZSS compressed?)
.hpjVisual Basic help project
.hplHP Graphics language
.hppC++ program header
.hpuxHP-UX operating system related
.hqxBinHex Encoded File
.hrcAn .src include header file
.hsHaskell source code
.htcHTML Component (embedding HTML- and Script-Code)
.htmHypertext Markup Language
.htmlHypertext Markup Language
.htxHTML extension file
.hwdbHardware database
.hxxC++ header
.hycWordPerfect hyphen list
.iInclude or intermediate file?
.icaIBM MO:DCA - IOCA bitmap
.icbTarga bitmap
.iccColor profile (ICC)
.icnsMac OS X icon resource
.icoIcon File
.icsiCalendar File
.idcInternet Database Connector
.iddMIDI instrument definition
.ideDevelopment environment configuration
.idlComponent interface description (Interface Definition Language)
.idxFoxBase index
.iffInterchange File Format (Audio) or Amiga bitmap
.igfInset Systems (Hijaak) raster & vector graphics
.ilIcon library
.ilbIntermediate StarOffice interface definition
.imgISO 9660 CD-ROM image (or Macintosh image file or EM Paint bitmap)
.inInput file (Autoconf configuration template?)
.incInclude file
.inddAdobe InDesign Document
.infSetup information or installation file
.infoGNU Info
.iniInitialization file
.initSystem initialisation start/stop script
.inlInline header
.insInstallation configuration
.invInventory File (?)
.isoDisc image
.issInno Setup Script (or InstallShield file)
.itsInternationalization Tag Set or Image Tree Source or Impulse Tracker Sample
.jarJava archive
.javaJava source code
.jffJPEG bitmap
.jifJPEG bitmap
.jlJulia source code
.jnlCVS journal
.jp2JPEG 2000 image
.jpegJPEG bitmap image
.jpgJPEG bitmap image
.jsb2JSBuilder2 script
.jsonJavaScript Object Notation (data interchange format)
.jspJava Server Page
.jsxExtended (nonstandard) JavaScript
.jtJT Fax
.jtfJPEG bitmap
.kdcKodak Photo bitmap
.kdelnkKDE1 configuration
.keySecurity or license key (or keyboard definitions or a Keynote Presentation)
.keychainMac OS X Keychain
.kfxKofax group IV fax
.kmlKeyhole Markup Language (GIS)
.kmzGoogle Earth Placemark (GIS)
.kshKorn shell script
.ktKotlin source code
.ktsKotlin shell script
.kyeKye game program data
.lLex source code
.laGNU libtool library file
.lbldBASE label
.lbmDeluxe Paint graphics
.ldLinker directives
.ldifLDAP Data Interchange Format
.legLegacy text
.lessLESS style sheet
.lgplLesser General Public Licence (GNU)
.libFunction library
.linIncremental linking file
.lintian-overridesLintian override (Debian dpkg)
.listGeneral list (APT, glib-genmarshal, ...)
.litMicrosoft EBook Reader (compressed?)
.llLex source code
.lngFile containing string and message definitions for the setup program
.lnkWindows File Shortcut or Linker response
.lnxLinux-specific makefile
.lockGeneral lock file (or PHP composer?)
.logLog File
.lqtLiquid Audio
.lsmLinux Software Map (software package information)
.lsnTopic list (CDE)
.luaLua Source
.lvLaserView Group IV
.lyxLyX document
.lzhLHARC compressed
.lzsSkyroads program data
.mObjective-C Implementation
.m3dCorel Motion 3-D
.m3uMedia playlist (MPEG?) audio
.m4M4 macro
.m4aMPEG-4 audio
.m4viTunes video
.macMacPaint bitmap
.makVisual Basic/MS C++ project
.makeMakefile (generated?)
.makoMako template (Python)
.manManual page
.mapLink editor map
.max3ds Max Scene
.mb1Apogee Moster Bash file
.mbxMailbox (e-mail)
.mcsMathCAD format
.mcM4 macro or Modula-3 or Midnight Commander or ...
.mcwWord for Macintosh document
.mdMarkdown plain text (formatting)
.md5MD5 checksum
.mdbMicrosoft Access Database
.mdfMedia disc image
.mdxdBASE IV multi-index (or Markdown with JSX)
.melMaya script
.metOS/2 Metafile
.meuMenu items
.mf(Java) manifest file (or Adobe FrameMaker or Metafont)
.midMIDI File (or Eudora script file)
.miffMagick Image File Format
.milCALS Group IV - ITU Group IV?
.mimMulti-Purpose Internet Mail Message
.mingwMinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows) build file
.mkA dmake makefile
.mlOCaml source code
.mliOCaml header file
.mmObjective-C++ source, GROFF source, mindmap?
.mmdbMaxMind DB (GeoIP)
.mmfMicrosoft mail
.mmmMacromind animation format
.mmsModule Management System (VMS) or sound or JPEG?
.mngMultiple-image Network Graphics
.moMachine Object (GNU gettext)
.modBASIC module file (or Eudora script or GNU MathProg model)
.movApple QuickTime Movie
.mp3MPEG-1 layer 3 audio
.mp4MPEG-4 video
.mpaMPEG-2 audio
.mpgMPEG video
.mppMicrosoft Project
.mrkInformative graphics markup
.mscC Makefile (or Microsoft Management Console)
.msgOutlook mail message
.msiWindows installer package
.mspMicrosoft Paint bitmap
.msvcMicrosoft Visual C++ compiler makefile
.mvbMicrosoft multimedia viewer
.nLinux/Unix manual page (Tcl/Tk keywords)
.napNAPLPS format
.navEudora script
.ndxdBASE index (or CDE index?)
.nesNintendo (NES) ROM
.newNew information file
.ngNorton Guides text
.nibApple InterfaceBuilder
.nlmNetWare NLM program
.nshNSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installation header/include file
.nsiNSIS (Nullsoft Scriptable Install System) installation script
.ntzInVircible antivirus blueprint
.oLinux/Unix machine language (object file)
.oazOAZ Fax
.obdMicrosoft Office binder
.objMachine language or Wavefront 3D object or Win32 object
.obzMicrosoft Office wizard
.odgOpenDocument Graphics
.odpOpenDocument Presentation
.odsOpenDocument Spreadsheet
.odtOpenDocument Text
.oebOpen eBook publication
.oggOgg Vorbis audio
.olbOLE object library
.oldOld version (backup copy)
.oleOLE object
.opfOpen package
.optOptions file
.orgOrganizer file
.origOriginal file (backup?)
.os2OS/2 operating system related
.otfOpenType Font
.outOutlines or (compiler) output file
.ovaOVF (Open Virtualization Format) distribution file (TAR format)
.ovlOverlay module
.ovrOverlay module
.ozmSharp Organizer memo bank
.ozpSharp Organizer telephone bank
.p7bPKCS #7 certificate
.p10Tektronix Plot10 plotter (vector graphics)
.p12PFX certificate (PKCS12)
.pagesPages Document
.palWindows palette
.parScript particles file
.partPartially Downloaded File
.pasPascal source code
.patCorelDRAW pattern
.pbdPowerBuilder dynamic library
.pbkMicrosoft Phonebook
.pbmPortable bitmap
.pbxprojApple Project Builder Xcode Project File Format
.pcPkg-config metadata (?)
.pcdPhoto CD bitmap
.pchPrefix or precompild header
.pclHP LaserJet series
.pcmLaserJet cartridge info
.pcsPICS animation
.pctPicture File (PC Paint or Macintosh PICT)
.pcwPC Write document
.pcxPC Paintbrush bitmap
.pdbProgram Database
.pdfPortable Document Format (or MS Package Definition File or a Printer Driver)
.pdvPC Paintbrush printer driver
.pdwHiJaak vector graphics
.pemPEM-formatted file (concatenated certificate container)
.perlPerl Script
.pfaType 1 or 3 font file (ASCII)
.pfbType 1 font (encrypted)
.pfmWindows Type 1 font metrics
.pfxPKCS#12 certificates (Microsoft)
.pglHPGL 7475A plotter (vector graphics)
.pgpPretty Good Privacy
.pharPHP Archive
.phpPHP source code
.php3PHP 3 source code
.php4PHP 4 source code
.php5PHP 5 source code
.phptPHP test suite
.picLotus 1-2-3 or Mac PICT format or IBM Storyboard bitmap or various vector formats
.pifMS Program Information File or IBM Picture Interchange
.pinEpic Pinball data
.pixInset Systems raster & vector graphics
.pkgMac OS X installer package
.plPerl Script
.plfInterVideo WinDVD playlist
.pltHPGL or AutoCAD plotter
.pluginMac OS X Plug-in
.pmPerl module file (or PageMaker graphics/text)
.pmkProject makefiles
.pmlPageMaker library
.pmxPageMaker document (x=ver.)
.pngPortable Network Graphic
.poPortable Object (GNU gettext)
.podPerldoc file or ...
.potPortable Object Template (GNU gettext) or MS Powerpoint
.povPOV-Ray ray tracing
.pp4Picture Publisher 4
.ppdPostScript printer description
.ppmPortable Pixelmap
.ppsPowerPoint Slide Show
.pptPowerPoint Presentation
.pptxPowerPoint Open XML presentation
.prcResource (text or program) file (3com PalmPilot)
.prdMicrosoft Word printer driver
.preLotus Freelance
.prfOutlook Profile
.prgdBASE source code
.prnTemporary print file (or XyWrite printer driver)
.proProfile or project or prolog file or ...
.protoGoogle Protocol Buffer (Protobuf) definition file
.prsHarvard Graphics (or WordPerfect printer driver)
.prtFormatted text
.ps1Windows PowerShell (or PostScript)
.psdAdobe Photoshop Document
.pspimagePaintShop Pro Image
.psrPowersoft report
.ptrMouse pointer
.ptxPageMaker template (x=ver.)
.pubMicrosoft or Ventura Publisher publication
.pupPowerUP (Amiga) or PlayStation Update
.puzAcross puzzle
.pvkPrivate Key
.pwlWindows password list
.pyPython Script
.pycPython Script (compiled bytecode)
.pyoPython Script (compiled bytecode with optimizations)
.qlbQuick programming library
.qlcATM font info
.qmlQT Meta Language
.qpgQNX Package Generation (XML-style)
.qrcQt resource file
.qtQuickTime movie
.qtmQuickTime movie
.rResource file for Macintosh
.r8lLaserJet landscape font
.r8pLaserJet portrait font
.raReal Audio
.rakeRuby make
.ramReal Audio
.rarWinRAR Compressed Archive
.rasSun bitmap
.raw3-D file (open standard)
.rbRuby script
.rcDmake recursive makefile or a Win32 resource script file
.RdR documentation
.rdbInterface and type description database (type library)
.rdfRDF/XML (Resource Description Framework)
.recRecorder file
.regRegistration file
.resProgramming resource
.resxMicrosoft .NET resource file (XML)
.rexREXX (interpreter) script
.rftDCA/RFT document
.rgbSGI bitmap
.riaAlpharel Group IV bitmap
.ribRenderman graphics
.ricRoch FaxNet
.rixRIX virtual screen
.rlcCAD Overlay ESP (Image Systems)
.rleCompressed (run length encoded)
.rlfRichLink compiled format
.rmReal Media
.rmiMIDI music
.rmmReal Media
.rndAutoShade rendering format
.rngRELAX NG schema (XML)
.rnlGTX Runlength bitmap
.romN64 Game ROM File
.rpmRed Hat Package Manager archive
.rsRust source code
.rssRich Site Summary (Web)
.rstreStructuredText (Python) or R(eadme fir)ST or ...
.rtfRich Text Format (or Microsoft text/graphics)
.rtlHP Raster Transfer Language
.ruRussian language or Ruby rack or Java Runtime file
.rvReal Video
.sAssembler source
.s7iSeed7 include/library file
.samAmi Pro document
.sasSAS/C or SAS Institute file
.satACIS 3-D model
.savSaved file
.sblBASIC file
.sbpIBM Storyboard graphics/Superbase text
.scParadox source code
.sc2Microsoft Schedule+ 7
.scalaScala language
.scdMicrosoft Schedule+ 7
.schMicrosoft Schedule+ 1
.scmScheme source code or ScreenCam movie
.scpScript source (Dial-up Networking?)
.scptAppleScript script
.scrGeneric script or Fax image or Windows screen saver or dBASE screen layout
.scssSass Cascading Style Sheet
.sctLotus Manuscript screen capture text or Scitex bitmap
.sd7Seed7 program
.sdaDraw application document
.sdbBase application document
.sdcCalc application document
.sddImpress application document
.sdfStandard Data File
.sdgStorage file for Gallery
.sdiInterface definition file
.sdlSmartDraw library
.sdmMail message
.sdrSmartDraw vector graphics
.sdsChart application document
.sdtSmartDraw template
.sdvGallery storage file
.sdwWriter application document
.sedSED (stream editor) pattern (or Self Extraction Directive file)
.segFunction ordering instructions for Microsoft linker
.serJava serialized object
.setSetup parameters
.sflLaserJet landscape font
.sfpLaserJet portrait font
.sfsPCL 5 scalable font
.sgiSGI bitmap
.sglWriter master document file
.sgmlStandard Generalized Markup Language
.shShell Script
.sha1SHA-1 checksum
.shbCorel Show
.shgSegmented HyperGraphic (imagemap Windows help)
.shsOLE2 package
.shtmlSSI-enabled HTML file
.shwCorel Show
.sidSlot id file
.sinSed insertion script?
.sitxStuffIt X Archive
.skipFiles to be skipped (GNU gettext?)
.sldAutoCAD slide
.slkSYLK format (spreadsheets)
.slnVisual Studio Solution
.smapJava Servlet (JSP) source map
.smfMath application formula document
.smiSMIL multimedia
.smsMath application formula document template
.sndDigital audio
.soLinux/Unix dynamic shared library
.spdSpeedo scalable font
.specSpecification file (build "recipes" for rpm or pkgbuild)
.sqlStructured Query Language Data
.srcSource resource string file
.srsScreen resource string file
.srtSubRip Subtitle File (Video)
.styVentura Pub. style sheet
.subSubtitles, subchannel data or subset?
.sunSun bitmap
.suppValgrind suppression or Apple iOS
.suseopenSUSE (SLES) specific file
.svgScalable Vector Graphics
.svgzScalable Vector Graphics (gzip-compressed)
.svn-baseSubversion base file
.svxAmiga sound file
.swfShockwave Flash Movie
.swiftSwift Source Code
.sy3Harvard Graphics symbol
.sylSYLK format (spreadsheets)
.symSymbol file/table?
.sysDOS, Windows or OS/2 System File
.sxcStarOffice (OpenOffice) Calc Spreadsheet
.sxwStarOffice (OpenOffice) Writer Document
.tTest file (Perl?)
.tabTable file or tab separated file ot guitar tablature
.talAdobe Type Align shaped text
.tarTape archive file (Linux/Unix)
.tazGzip compressed tar archive
.tblGeneric Table (Typo3 character conversion?)
.tcTurbo C configuration (Borland) or ...
.tclTcl script
.tdfSpeedo typeface definition
.testTesting file
.texLaTeX Source Document
.texiGNU Texinfo source (or TeX file)
.textPlain ASCII Text
.tgaTarga Graphic
.tgzGzip compressed tar archive
.thmThumbnail Image or Storage file for Gallery or OpenOffice Configuration
.tifTagged Image File
.tiffTagged Image File Format
.tk(Tcl/)Tk script
.tlbOLE type library
.tmpTemporary File
.toastToast Disc Image
.tocTable of contents
.tomlConfiguration file format
.torrentBitTorrent File (P2P)
.trmTerminal file
.tsTranslation file, Video Transport Stream or MS TypeScript
.tstTest file?
.tsvTab Separated Values
.tsxEmbedded JSX TypeScript elements (React)
.ttcTrueType font compressed
.ttfTrueType Font
.twigTwig template (PHP)
.txtPlain ASCII Text
.ucmUnicode Character Mapping
.uiUser Interface (XML, Qt?)
.unixUnix operating system related
.urdFrom an IDL-generated relational database (Uno Reflection Data)
.urlUniform Resource Locator
.userMS Visual Studio?
.uslLaserJet landscape font
.uspLaserJet portrait font
.utf8Unicode UTF-8 encoded
.uueUuencoded File
.uyvy16-bit image YUV format (4:2:2)
.valaVala programming language source code
.vbpVisual Basic project
.vbsVisual Basic script
.vbxVisual Basic custom control
.vcMS Visual C++ related or VisiCalc spreadsheet or ...
.vcdVirtual CD disk image
.vcfvCard File
.vcprojVisual C++ Project
.vcxprojVisual C++ Project
.vdprojVisual Studio Deployment Project
.vdaTarga bitmap
.verVersion record (GNU linker script?)
.vgrVentura Pub. chapter info
.vimVim syntax file
.vmdkVirtual Machine Disk file (VMware)
.vms(Open)VMS specific text file
.vobDVD Video Object
.vocSound Blaster sound
.vorWriter document template
.voxVoxware compressed audio
.vpVentural Publisher publication
.vsdVisio drawing
.vstTarga bitmap
.vuedBASE relational view
.warWeb application ARchive
.wavDigital Waveform Audio (Windows)
.waxWMA metafile (location of WMA file)
.wbkMicrosoft Word backup
.wbtWinBatch file
.wcmWordPerfect macro
.wdbMicrosoft works data
.webmWebM Video (Google)
.webpWebP Image (Google)
.wgpWild Board games data
.widFont width table
.wifWavelet image
.winWindow(s) specific file (configuration, backup)
.wizMicrosoft Word wizard
.wk1Lotus ver. 2.x
.wk3Lotus ver. 3.x & Windows
.wk4Lotus ver. 4.x
.wkqQuattro spreadsheet
.wksLotus 1-2-3 ver. 1a spreadsheet
.wmaWindows Media Audio (ASF)
.wmfWindows metafile (vector graphics file?)
.wmvWindows Media Video (ASF file)
.woffWeb Open Font Format
.wpdWordPerfect Document or Windows printer description
.wpgWordPerfect raster & vector graphics
.wpmWordPerfect macro
.wpsMicrosoft Works document
.wptWordPerfect template
.wriWindows Write document
.wrkSympohony spreadsheet
.wrlVRML page
.wsdWordStar 2000 document
.wsdlWeb Services Description Language (XML)
.wsfWindows Script
.wsgiWeb Server Gateway Interface (Python)
.wshWindows Scrip Host properties
.wvlWavelet compressed file
.wvxWMV metafile (location of WMV file)
.wxsMicrosoft WiX Installer Source
.xLinux/Unix manual page (X Windows system) or ...
.xarCorel Xara drawing
.xbmX Window bitmap
.xcfGIMP image format
.xcodeprojXcode Project
.xhtmlExtensible Hypertext Markup Language
.xibInterface Builder (Mac OS X)
.xlaExcel add-in
.xlbExcel toolbar
.xlcExcel chart
.xldExcel dialogue
.xlfXLIFF (XML Localisation Interchange File Format)
.xlkExcel backup
.xlmExcel macro
.xlrWorks Spreadsheet
.xlsMicrosoft Excel Spreadsheet
.xlsmMicrosoft Excel Open XML Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet
.xlsxMicrosoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet
.xltExcel template
.xlwExcel project
.xmlExtensible Markup Language (XML)
.xpiFirefox extension (ZIP file)
.xpmX Window pixel map graphics
.xsXS interface description Perl/C (or Hummingbird Exceed)
.xsbXML Schema Binary (or MS XACT Sound Bank)
.xsdXML Schema Definition
.xslXML Stylesheet Language
.xsltExtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XML)
.xulXML User Interface Language
.xwdX Window dump
.xywXyWrite for Windows document
.xzXZ Utils compressed file (LZMA/LZMA2)
.yYacc source code
.yyYacc or Bison
.yamlYAML Ain't Markup Language
.ymlYAML Ain't Markup Language
.yuvYUV (color space picel format) encoded image
.yxxBison source code
.zLinux/Unix Gzip archive
.zigZig programming language source code
.zipZip-compressed File
.zipxExtended Zip-compressed File
.zoneDNS zone description
.zooZoo compressed file
.zshZSH shell script

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