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Advanced search facility - a use case for searching in the contents of package member files

Fossies offers the possibility to search for member names within a software package or even to do full text searches within all text-like member files of a package (thus not only searching the documentation files but also for e.g. all source code files itself). Here as exemplification a use case:

Scenario (Motivation)

Let us assume you found in your sendmail logs within a short period a lot of entries like did not issue MAIL/EXPN/VRFY/ETRN during connection to MTA (all from a single IP) and you remember "fail2ban" as a possible blocking tool for that nasty and unwanted accesses. Now you have the idea to check for the newest release of that package and if that release may have yet a configuration file with according filter rules.


So you may try the following steps:
(the steps above can be replaced by just using directly the package version independent short URL or the more OS-specific short URL


By the way, if you have only the information that there is a package that have a member file named for e.g. sendmail-reject.conf but don't know the exact package name you may use Fossies Advanced Search Facility page (accessible also on the Fossies main page via the "(advanced)"-button beside the search field) and enter in the "package internal member file names"-field that member name and Fossies will show you the found according package(s).


Ok, sometimes you may get similar results by using for e.g. the Google search but firstly not all package member files available on Fossies are also scanned by Google and secondly the Fossies search can be done more specifically and allows the use of the Fossies specialities like browsing about the matching lines, syntax highlighting, diffs reports and poking around the Doxygen-generated source code documentation.
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