zorp  7.0.4
About: Zorp is a new generation proxy firewall suite (fork of balabit zorp?).
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pop3data.h File Reference
#include "pop3.h"
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gboolean pop3_data_transfer (Pop3Proxy *owner)

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gboolean pop3_data_transfer ( Pop3Proxy owner)

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Definition at line 156 of file pop3data.cc.

References _Pop3Proxy::buffer_length, DOT_DW_PREAMBLE, _ZDotTransfer::dst_write_state, ZProxy::endpoints, EP_CLIENT, EP_SERVER, Zorp.Zorp::FALSE, _Pop3Proxy::from, _Pop3Proxy::policy_enable_longline, _Pop3Proxy::poll, POP3_ERROR, pop3_error_msg(), pop3_response_reject(), pop3_response_write(), _Pop3Proxy::pop3_state, POP3_STATE_QUIT, pop3_write_client(), _Pop3Proxy::reject_by_mail, _Pop3Proxy::response, _Pop3Proxy::response_param, _Pop3Proxy::subject, _Pop3Transfer::super, _ZDotTransfer::super, _ZTransfer2::super, _Pop3Proxy::super, _Pop3Proxy::timeout, _Pop3Proxy::to, TRUE, z_dot_transfer_new(), z_proxy_enter, z_proxy_log, z_proxy_return, z_transfer2_get_stack_decision(), z_transfer2_get_stack_info(), z_transfer2_set_content_format(), z_transfer2_simple_run(), ZT2F_COMPLETE_COPY, ZT2F_PROXY_STREAMS_POLLED, ZV_ERROR, and ZV_REJECT.

Referenced by pop3_response_multiline().