zorp  7.0.4
About: Zorp is a new generation proxy firewall suite (fork of balabit zorp?).
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ftpolicy.h File Reference
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struct  _FtpCommandDescriptor
struct  _FtpAnswerDescriptor


typedef struct _FtpCommandDescriptor FtpCommandDescriptor
typedef struct _FtpAnswerDescriptor FTPAnswerDescriptor


gboolean ftp_policy_bounce_check (struct _FtpProxy *self, guint side, ZSockAddr *remote, gboolean connect)
gboolean ftp_policy_parse_authinfo (struct _FtpProxy *self, const gchar *cmd, GString *param)
GHashTable * ftp_policy_command_hash_create (void)
gboolean ftp_policy_command_hash_search (struct _FtpProxy *self, gchar *command)
guint ftp_policy_command_hash_do (struct _FtpProxy *self)
ZDimHashTableftp_policy_answer_hash_create (void)
guint ftp_policy_answer_hash_do (struct _FtpProxy *self)
guint ftp_policy_feature_hash_search (struct _FtpProxy *self, const gchar *feature)
void ftp_policy_feature_hash_handle_insert (struct _FtpProxy *self, GHashTable *features)

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◆ FTPAnswerDescriptor

◆ FtpCommandDescriptor

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◆ ftp_policy_answer_hash_create()

ZDimHashTable* ftp_policy_answer_hash_create ( void  )

Definition at line 287 of file ftpolicy.cc.

References DIMHASH_CONSUME, DIMHASH_WILDCARD, and z_dim_hash_table_new().

Referenced by ftp_config_set_defaults().

◆ ftp_policy_answer_hash_do()

◆ ftp_policy_bounce_check()

gboolean ftp_policy_bounce_check ( FtpProxy self,
guint  side,
ZSockAddr *  remote,
gboolean  connect 

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This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

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Definition at line 39 of file ftpolicy.cc.

References Zorp.Zorp::FALSE, TRUE, z_policy_call(), z_policy_lock, z_policy_sockaddr_new(), z_policy_unlock, z_policy_var_build, z_policy_var_parse, z_policy_var_unref, z_proxy_enter, z_proxy_report_policy_abort(), and z_proxy_return.

Referenced by ftp_data_next_step().

◆ ftp_policy_command_hash_create()

GHashTable* ftp_policy_command_hash_create ( void  )

Definition at line 105 of file ftpolicy.cc.

Referenced by ftp_config_set_defaults().

◆ ftp_policy_command_hash_do()

◆ ftp_policy_command_hash_search()

gboolean ftp_policy_command_hash_search ( struct _FtpProxy self,
gchar *  command 

Definition at line 115 of file ftpolicy.cc.

Referenced by ftp_command_parse().

◆ ftp_policy_feature_hash_handle_insert()

void ftp_policy_feature_hash_handle_insert ( struct _FtpProxy self,
GHashTable *  features 

◆ ftp_policy_feature_hash_search()

guint ftp_policy_feature_hash_search ( struct _FtpProxy self,
const gchar *  feature 

◆ ftp_policy_parse_authinfo()

gboolean ftp_policy_parse_authinfo ( struct _FtpProxy self,
const gchar *  cmd,
GString *  param