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About: XPaint is a bitmap/pixmap editing tool.
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Release notes for XPaint 3.1.4

XPaint has been created by David Koblas in 1991 and maintained by
him  up to version 2.1.1, appeared end of 1994. Then Torsten Martinsen 
<torsten.martinsen@bullestock.net> took up development until version
2.5.7, around end of 1996.

Since 1999, starting with xpaint 2.5.8, new versions of XPaint
have been developed by Jean-Pierre Demailly
<jean-pierre.demailly@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr> who has taken up 
maintainance since 2000 - although on a somewhat slow and
irregular rythm.

Starting with version 2.6.4, Xpaint can be easily internationalized,
and this is even more true with 2.8.17+ since Xpaint now fully supports 
UTF8 encoding and Truetype/Freetype fonts.

In order to add a new (still unsupported) language, it is sufficient to
translate the app-default file and set it as 'XPaint_xy.ad.in' where
'xy' are the first two letters of the LANG parameter defining the
language. Also 'XPaint_xy.ad.in' should point to appropriate localized
files 'Messages_xy' (and optionally 'Help_xy') reproducing the
structure of 'Messages' and 'Help' respectively. Check for instance
'XPaint_fr.ad.in' to see how things work. If you do not provide a
translation of the (somewhat lengthy) Help file, the English 'Help' will
be loaded as a fallback. (Note: Since version 2.8.17, these files should
be UTF8-encoded if xaw3dxft is used).

Please do NOT send bug reports etc. to David Koblas or Torsten Martinsen.

To compile this program, you will need:

	- an ANSI C compiler (such as GCC),
	- the Xpm library, version 3.4c or later

To compile with support for TIFF images, you must have the TIFF library,
version 3.2 or later. 

To compile with support for JPEG images, you must have version 6 of the JPEG
library from The Independent JPEG Group, released 2-Aug-95. Newer versions
should also work.

To compile with support for PNG images, you must have the PNG library, version
1.0.8 or higher.

The TIFF/JPEG/PNG libraries can be downloaded from
libpng itself requires zlib, which can be found at

Xpaint can be compiled just with the standard X11 libraries, the Xt toolkit
plus the freetype2 and fontconfig libraries. It used to require also
one of the Athena widget library clones, but the recent versions (since
version 2.8.17) rely on an included xaw3d clone with support for UTF8 and
TrueType fonts.

Fallback compilation options are offered to compile Xpaint with
existing shared Xaw libraries. This will yield a fully functional
program, but the look and feel might be a little bit dry (or even 
just ugly with the standard Xaw coming with Xorg).

XPaint is known to have been successfully built on the following platforms:
	- Linux 2.6.x,  Xorg various versions, Xaw/Xaw3d/Xaw95/neXtaw widgets
	- Linux 2.4.19, XFree86 4.2.1, GCC 3.2.1
	- Linux 2.2.16, XFree86 3.3.6, EGCS 2.91.66
	- Linux 2.0.18, XFree86 3.1.2, GCC 2.7.2
	- Solaris 2.4, 2.5, 2.6
	- SunOS 4.1, 4.1.4
	- FreeBSD, NetBSD, BSD386
	- DEC Alpha, native cc
	- AIX
	- SGI IRIX-6.2
	- HP-UX A.09.05 A 9000/735, native cc

Any feedback on problems is welcome, but remember to include the following in
your bug report:
	- The version number of XPaint
	- The system you are using (e.g. 'Linux 1.3.14', 'Solaris 2.4')

See 'INSTALL' for installation instructions.

See 'Doc/ChangeLog' for the history of changes since the early days,
and a list of people who have contributed patches and bug reports in
all these years.

See 'Doc/Operator.doc' for a description of XPaint internals.

See 'Doc/sample.Xdefaults' for an example of setting resources for XPaint.

See 'README.old' for the original README.

See 'README.PNG' for notes on the PNG support.

See 'TODO' for a list of possible improvements.

The most recent version of XPaint is always available from


Thanks to the many beta testers who put up with the first buggy releases.


(An old list of bugs which is mostly out of date)


The 'Transparent Brush' tool does not work well on colour mapped visuals with
256 colours. The reasons are:
	1) It is too slow. This could perhaps be fixed.
	2) All entries in the colour map are used up in rather quickly.
	3) The limited number of colours give rise to round-off errors
	   when computing the new pixel colours.

Undo/Redo exhibits some weirdness in certain circumstances.

Selecting a region enables the 'Last Filter' menu item.

The following causes a SIGSEGV (reported by Hans Dietmar Jägger

	open a file A
	open another file B
	do Image -> Change Size to file A, change Width, press TAB and 
        leave the dialog open
	do Image -> Change Size to file B, change Width and leave the 
        dialog open try to change Height by pressing TAB or clicking 
        mouse-left in the Height field

-Torsten Martinsen (torsten@image.dk)

The following are new due and are related to the -visual flag:
	1) DirectColor colormap is wrong.

	2) Xaw3d only works in 8 bit mode -- has a problem with
	   button = XtCreateManagedWidget(...) menu bar in menu.c
	   in anything higher than 8 bits.

	3) The smear tool fails in anything greater than 8 bit mode
	   because XPutImage in smear() in brushOp.c is failing.
	   Probably caused by depth mismatch somewhere in call
	   to smear.

-Scott D. Nelson (nelson18@llnl.gov), August 1997

NOTE: You *must* have X11R5 or newer. X11R4 is obsolete and will *not* work.