xorriso  1.5.4.pl02
About: GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It is suitable for incremental data backup and for production of bootable ISO 9660 images. GNU xorriso is a statical compilation of the libraries libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, and libjte.
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libjte_env Struct Reference

#include <libjte_private.h>

Collaboration diagram for libjte_env:

Data Fields

char * outfile
int verbose
int checksum_algo
char * jtemplate_out
char * jjigdo_out
char * jchecksum_list
FILE * jtjigdo
FILE * jttemplate
int jte_min_size
int checksum_algo_iso
int checksum_algo_tmpl
jtc_t jte_template_compression
struct path_matchexclude_list
struct path_matchinclude_list
struct path_mappingmap_list
uint64_t template_size
uint64_t image_size
FILE * t_file
FILE * j_file
int num_matches
int num_chunks
int include_in_jigdo
char message_buffer [4096]
int error_behavior
unsigned char * uncomp_buf
size_t uncomp_size
size_t uncomp_buf_used

Detailed Description

Definition at line 22 of file libjte_private.h.

Field Documentation

◆ checksum_algo

◆ checksum_algo_iso

int libjte_env::checksum_algo_iso

◆ checksum_algo_tmpl

int libjte_env::checksum_algo_tmpl

◆ checksum_last

checksum_list_entry_t* libjte_env::checksum_last

Definition at line 49 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by add_checksum_entry(), libjte_destroy_checksum_list(), and libjte_new().

◆ checksum_list

checksum_list_entry_t* libjte_env::checksum_list

◆ entry_last

entry_t* libjte_env::entry_last

◆ entry_list

◆ error_behavior

int libjte_env::error_behavior

◆ exclude_list

struct path_match* libjte_env::exclude_list

◆ image_size

uint64_t libjte_env::image_size

◆ include_in_jigdo

int libjte_env::include_in_jigdo

◆ include_list

struct path_match* libjte_env::include_list

◆ iso_context

◆ j_file

FILE* libjte_env::j_file

Definition at line 45 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by libjte_new(), write_jigdo_file(), and write_jt_header().

◆ jchecksum_list

char* libjte_env::jchecksum_list

◆ jjigdo_out

char* libjte_env::jjigdo_out

◆ jte_min_size

int libjte_env::jte_min_size

Definition at line 31 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by libjte_new(), and libjte_set_min_size().

◆ jte_template_compression

jtc_t libjte_env::jte_template_compression

◆ jtemplate_out

char* libjte_env::jtemplate_out

◆ jtjigdo

FILE* libjte_env::jtjigdo

◆ jttemplate

FILE* libjte_env::jttemplate

◆ map_list

struct path_mapping* libjte_env::map_list

◆ message_buffer

◆ msg_list

jigdo_msg_entry_t* libjte_env::msg_list

◆ num_chunks

int libjte_env::num_chunks

Definition at line 47 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by add_unmatched_entry(), libjte_new(), and write_template_desc_entries().

◆ num_matches

int libjte_env::num_matches

Definition at line 46 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by add_file_entry(), libjte_new(), and write_template_desc_entries().

◆ outfile

char* libjte_env::outfile

◆ t_file

FILE* libjte_env::t_file

◆ template_context

checksum_context_t* libjte_env::template_context

◆ template_size

uint64_t libjte_env::template_size

Definition at line 38 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by libjte_new(), template_fwrite(), and write_jigdo_file().

◆ uncomp_buf

unsigned char* libjte_env::uncomp_buf

Definition at line 60 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by libjte_destroy(), libjte_new(), and write_compressed_chunk().

◆ uncomp_buf_used

size_t libjte_env::uncomp_buf_used

Definition at line 62 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by libjte_new(), and write_compressed_chunk().

◆ uncomp_size

size_t libjte_env::uncomp_size

Definition at line 61 of file libjte_private.h.

Referenced by libjte_new(), and write_compressed_chunk().

◆ verbose

int libjte_env::verbose

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