xorriso  1.5.4.pl02
About: GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It is suitable for incremental data backup and for production of bootable ISO 9660 images. GNU xorriso is a statical compilation of the libraries libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, and libjte.
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el_torito_boot_image Struct Reference

#include <eltorito.h>

Collaboration diagram for el_torito_boot_image:

Data Fields

int appended_idx
uint32_t appended_start
uint32_t appended_size
unsigned int bootable:1
unsigned int seems_boot_info_table:1
unsigned int seems_grub2_boot_info:1
unsigned int seems_isohybrid_capable:1
unsigned int isolinux_options
unsigned char type
unsigned char partition_type
uint32_t emul_hdd_size
uint16_t load_seg
uint16_t load_size
int load_size_full
uint8_t platform_id
uint8_t id_string [28]
uint8_t selection_crit [20]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 53 of file eltorito.h.

Field Documentation

◆ appended_idx

int el_torito_boot_image::appended_idx

Definition at line 57 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), eltorito_writer_create(), and iso_image_import().

◆ appended_size

uint32_t el_torito_boot_image::appended_size

Definition at line 59 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), and eltorito_writer_create().

◆ appended_start

uint32_t el_torito_boot_image::appended_start

Definition at line 58 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), eltorito_writer_create(), and iso_image_import().

◆ bootable

unsigned int el_torito_boot_image::bootable

◆ emul_hdd_size

uint32_t el_torito_boot_image::emul_hdd_size

Definition at line 90 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by iso_eltorito_report(), and iso_image_import().

◆ id_string

uint8_t el_torito_boot_image::id_string[28]

◆ image

◆ isolinux_options

unsigned int el_torito_boot_image::isolinux_options

isolinux options bit 0 -> whether to patch image bit 1 -> whether to put built-in isolinux 3.72 isohybrid-MBR into image System Area (deprecated)

bit2-7= Mentioning in isohybrid GPT 0= do not mention in GPT 1= mention as EFI partition 2= Mention as HFS+ partition bit8= Mention in isohybrid Apple partition map

Definition at line 83 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by assess_isohybrid_gpt_apm(), create_image(), el_torito_get_isolinux_options(), el_torito_patch_isolinux_image(), el_torito_set_isolinux_options(), eltorito_writer_create(), gpt_images_as_mbr_partitions(), iso_align_isohybrid(), iso_patch_eltoritos(), and iso_write_system_area().

◆ load_seg

uint16_t el_torito_boot_image::load_seg

Load segment for the initial boot image.

Definition at line 93 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), el_torito_get_load_seg(), el_torito_set_load_seg(), iso_eltorito_report(), iso_image_import(), and write_section_entry().

◆ load_size

uint16_t el_torito_boot_image::load_size

◆ load_size_full

int el_torito_boot_image::load_size_full

◆ partition_type

unsigned char el_torito_boot_image::partition_type

type of partition for HD-emul images

Definition at line 89 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), iso_eltorito_report(), iso_image_import(), and write_section_entry().

◆ platform_id

◆ seems_boot_info_table

unsigned int el_torito_boot_image::seems_boot_info_table

◆ seems_grub2_boot_info

unsigned int el_torito_boot_image::seems_grub2_boot_info

◆ seems_isohybrid_capable

unsigned int el_torito_boot_image::seems_isohybrid_capable

Whether the boot image seems to be capable of isohybrid

Definition at line 70 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), iso_analyze_isohybrid(), iso_eltorito_report(), and iso_image_eval_boot_info_table().

◆ selection_crit

uint8_t el_torito_boot_image::selection_crit[20]

◆ type

unsigned char el_torito_boot_image::type

The type of image : 0=no emulation , 1=fd 1.2 MB , 2=fd 1.4 MB 3=fd 3.8 MB , 4=hdd (size in partition table)

Definition at line 85 of file eltorito.h.

Referenced by create_image(), el_torito_get_boot_media_type(), el_torito_set_full_load(), el_torito_set_load_seg(), el_torito_set_load_size(), iso_eltorito_report(), iso_image_import(), write_section_entry(), and write_section_load_size().

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