xorriso  1.5.4.pl02
About: GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It is suitable for incremental data backup and for production of bootable ISO 9660 images. GNU xorriso is a statical compilation of the libraries libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, and libjte.
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mmc.h File Reference
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void mmc_read (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_close_session (struct burn_write_opts *o)
void mmc_close_disc (struct burn_write_opts *o)
void mmc_close (struct burn_drive *, int session, int track)
void mmc_get_event (struct burn_drive *)
int mmc_write (struct burn_drive *, int start, struct buffer *buf)
void mmc_write_12 (struct burn_drive *d, int start, struct buffer *buf)
void mmc_sync_cache (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_load (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_eject (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_erase (struct burn_drive *, int)
void mmc_read_toc (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_read_disc_info (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_read_atip (struct burn_drive *)
int mmc_read_cd (struct burn_drive *d, int start, int len, int sec_type, int main_ch, const struct burn_read_opts *o, struct buffer *buf, int flag)
void mmc_set_speed (struct burn_drive *, int, int)
void mmc_read_lead_in (struct burn_drive *, struct buffer *)
void mmc_perform_opc (struct burn_drive *)
void mmc_get_configuration (struct burn_drive *)
int mmc_get_nwa (struct burn_drive *d, int trackno, int *lba, int *nwa)
int mmc_send_cue_sheet (struct burn_drive *, struct cue_sheet *)
int mmc_read_buffer_capacity (struct burn_drive *d)
int mmc_setup_drive (struct burn_drive *d)
int mmc_format_unit (struct burn_drive *d, off_t size, int flag)
int mmc_get_write_performance (struct burn_drive *d)
int mmc_compose_mode_page_5 (struct burn_drive *d, struct burn_session *s, int tno, const struct burn_write_opts *o, unsigned char *pd)
int mmc_four_char_to_int (unsigned char *data)
int mmc_read_track_info (struct burn_drive *d, int trackno, struct buffer *buf, int alloc_len)
int mmc_read_10 (struct burn_drive *d, int start, int amount, struct buffer *buf)
int mmc_read_capacity (struct burn_drive *d)
char * mmc_obtain_profile_name (int profile_number)
int mmc_get_media_product_id (struct burn_drive *d, char **product_id, char **media_code1, char **media_code2, char **book_type, int flag)
int mmc_function_spy (struct burn_drive *d, char *text)
int mmc_start_if_needed (struct burn_drive *d, int flag)
int mmc_get_bd_spare_info (struct burn_drive *d, int *alloc_blocks, int *free_blocks, int flag)
int mmc_get_phys_format_info (struct burn_drive *d, int *disk_category, char **book_name, int *part_version, int *num_layers, int *num_blocks, int flag)
int mmc_get_leadin_text (struct burn_drive *d, unsigned char **text_packs, int *num_packs, int flag)
int mmc_get_performance (struct burn_drive *d, int descr_type, int flag)
int burn_make_feature_text (struct burn_drive *d, unsigned int feature_code, unsigned char flags, unsigned char additional_length, unsigned char *feature_data, char **text, int flag)

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Definition at line 100 of file mmc.h.

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◆ burn_make_feature_text()

int burn_make_feature_text ( struct burn_drive d,
unsigned int  feature_code,
unsigned char  flags,
unsigned char  additional_length,
unsigned char *  feature_data,
char **  text,
int  flag 

◆ mmc_close()

◆ mmc_close_disc()

◆ mmc_close_session()

◆ mmc_compose_mode_page_5()

◆ mmc_eject()

void mmc_eject ( struct burn_drive )

◆ mmc_erase()

◆ mmc_format_unit()

◆ mmc_four_char_to_int()

◆ mmc_function_spy()

int mmc_function_spy ( struct burn_drive d,
char *  text 

Definition at line 267 of file mmc.c.

◆ mmc_get_bd_spare_info()

int mmc_get_bd_spare_info ( struct burn_drive d,
int *  alloc_blocks,
int *  free_blocks,
int  flag 

◆ mmc_get_configuration()

void mmc_get_configuration ( struct burn_drive d)

◆ mmc_get_event()

◆ mmc_get_leadin_text()

int mmc_get_leadin_text ( struct burn_drive d,
unsigned char **  text_packs,
int *  num_packs,
int  flag 

Definition at line 2297 of file mmc.c.

References mmc_function_spy(), and mmc_get_leadin_text_al().

Referenced by burn_disc_get_leadin_text().

◆ mmc_get_media_product_id()

int mmc_get_media_product_id ( struct burn_drive d,
char **  product_id,
char **  media_code1,
char **  media_code2,
char **  book_type,
int  flag 

◆ mmc_get_nwa()

◆ mmc_get_performance()

int mmc_get_performance ( struct burn_drive d,
int  descr_type,
int  flag 

◆ mmc_get_phys_format_info()

int mmc_get_phys_format_info ( struct burn_drive d,
int *  disk_category,
char **  book_name,
int *  part_version,
int *  num_layers,
int *  num_blocks,
int  flag 

◆ mmc_get_write_performance()

int mmc_get_write_performance ( struct burn_drive d)

Definition at line 4593 of file mmc.c.

References mmc_get_performance().

Referenced by spc_try_get_performance().

◆ mmc_load()

void mmc_load ( struct burn_drive )

◆ mmc_obtain_profile_name()

char* mmc_obtain_profile_name ( int  profile_number)

Definition at line 1868 of file mmc.c.

Referenced by burn_obtain_profile_name(), mmc_get_configuration_al(), and mmc_guess_profile().

◆ mmc_perform_opc()

◆ mmc_read()

void mmc_read ( struct burn_drive )

◆ mmc_read_10()

◆ mmc_read_atip()

◆ mmc_read_buffer_capacity()

◆ mmc_read_capacity()

◆ mmc_read_cd()

◆ mmc_read_disc_info()

void mmc_read_disc_info ( struct burn_drive d)

Definition at line 2229 of file mmc.c.

References mmc_function_spy(), mmc_read_disc_info_al(), and mmc_start_if_needed().

Referenced by spc_sense_write_params().

◆ mmc_read_lead_in()

◆ mmc_read_toc()

void mmc_read_toc ( struct burn_drive d)

Definition at line 1764 of file mmc.c.

References mmc_function_spy(), mmc_read_toc_al(), and mmc_start_if_needed().

Referenced by mmc_read_disc_info_al(), and mmc_setup_drive().

◆ mmc_read_track_info()

◆ mmc_send_cue_sheet()

◆ mmc_set_speed()

◆ mmc_setup_drive()

int mmc_setup_drive ( struct burn_drive d)

Definition at line 5378 of file mmc.c.

References burn_drive::all_profiles, burn_drive::bg_format_status, burn_drive::close_disc, burn_drive::close_session, burn_drive::close_track_session, burn_drive::complete_sessions, burn_drive::current_feat21h_link_size, burn_drive::current_feat23h_byte4, burn_drive::current_feat23h_byte8, burn_drive::current_feat2fh_byte4, burn_drive::current_has_feat21h, burn_drive::current_is_cd_profile, burn_drive::current_is_guessed_profile, burn_drive::current_is_supported_profile, burn_drive::current_profile, burn_drive::current_profile_text, burn_drive::disc_app_code, burn_drive::disc_bar_code, burn_drive::disc_id, burn_drive::disc_info_valid, burn_drive::disc_type, burn_drive::do_simulate, burn_drive::end_lba, burn_drive::erasable, burn_drive::erase, burn_drive::format_unit, burn_drive::get_nwa, burn_drive::incomplete_sessions, burn_drive::last_lead_in, burn_drive::last_lead_out, burn_drive::last_track_no, Libburn_wait_for_buffer_freE, Libburn_wait_for_buffer_max_perC, Libburn_wait_for_buffer_max_useC, Libburn_wait_for_buffer_min_perC, Libburn_wait_for_buffer_min_useC, Libburn_wait_for_buffer_tio_seC, burn_drive::media_capacity_remaining, burn_drive::media_lba_limit, burn_drive::media_read_capacity, mmc_close(), mmc_close_disc(), mmc_close_session(), mmc_erase(), mmc_format_unit(), mmc_get_nwa(), mmc_perform_opc(), mmc_read_10(), mmc_read_atip(), mmc_read_buffer_capacity(), mmc_read_cd(), mmc_read_format_capacities(), mmc_read_multi_session_c1(), mmc_read_toc(), mmc_reserve_track(), mmc_send_cue_sheet(), mmc_set_speed(), mmc_sync_cache(), mmc_write(), burn_drive::mr_capacity_trusted, burn_drive::needs_close_session, burn_drive::needs_sync_cache, burn_drive::next_track_damaged, burn_drive::nominal_write_speed, burn_drive::num_format_descr, burn_drive::num_opc_tables, burn_drive::num_profiles, burn_drive::pbf_altered, burn_drive::perform_opc, burn_drive::pessimistic_buffer_free, burn_drive::pessimistic_writes, burn_drive::phys_if_name, burn_drive::phys_if_std, burn_drive::read_10, burn_drive::read_atip, burn_drive::read_buffer_capacity, burn_drive::read_cd, burn_drive::read_format_capacities, burn_drive::read_multi_session_c1, burn_drive::read_toc, burn_drive::reserve_track, burn_drive::send_cue_sheet, burn_drive::sent_default_page_05, burn_drive::set_speed, burn_drive::start_lba, burn_drive::state_of_last_session, burn_drive::sync_cache, burn_drive::wait_for_buffer_free, burn_drive::waited_tries, burn_drive::waited_usec, burn_drive::waited_writes, burn_drive::wfb_max_percent, burn_drive::wfb_max_usec, burn_drive::wfb_min_percent, burn_drive::wfb_min_usec, burn_drive::wfb_timeout_sec, and burn_drive::write.

Referenced by burn_scsi_setup_drive().

◆ mmc_start_if_needed()

◆ mmc_sync_cache()

◆ mmc_write()

◆ mmc_write_12()