xorriso  1.5.4.pl02
About: GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It is suitable for incremental data backup and for production of bootable ISO 9660 images. GNU xorriso is a statical compilation of the libraries libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, and libjte.
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misc_funct.h File Reference
#include <regex.h>
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#define Xorriso_pvt_misc_includeD   yes


char * Text_shellsafe (char *in_text, char *out_text, int flag)
int Sort_argv (int argc, char **argv, int flag)
char * Ftypetxt (mode_t st_mode, int flag)
char * Ftimetxt (time_t t, char timetext[40], int flag)
int System_uname (char **sysname, char **release, char **version, char **machine, int flag)
double Scanf_io_size (char *text, int flag)
int Compare_text_lines (char *text1, char *text2, int *diff_count, int flag)
time_t Decode_timestring (char *code, time_t *date, int flag)
int Decode_ecma119_format (struct tm *erg, char *text, int flag)
int Wait_for_input (int fd, int microsec, int flag)
int Fileliste__target_source_limit (char *line, char sep, char **limit_pt, int flag)
int Fileliste__escape_source_path (char *line, int size, int flag)
int Hex_to_bin (char *hex, int bin_size, int *bin_count, unsigned char *bin_data, int flag)
int Sregex_string (char **handle, char *text, int flag)
int Sregex_match (char *pattern, char *text, int flag)
int Sregex_resolve_var (char *form, char *vars[][2], int num_vars, char *start, char *end, char *esc, char *result, int result_size, int flag)
int Xorriso__bourne_to_reg (char bourne_expr[], char reg_expr[], int flag)
int Xorriso__hide_mode (char *mode, int flag)
char * Xorriso__hide_mode_text (int hide_mode, int flag)
int Xorriso__to_upper (char *in, char *out, int out_size, int flag)
int Xorriso__exchange_prefix (char *source_prefix, char *target_prefix, char *eff_source, char *eff_target, int flag)
int Xorriso__format_guid (uint8_t guid[16], char *text, int flag)
int Xorriso__parse_size_param (char *cpt, int key_l, int l, double *num)

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◆ Xorriso_pvt_misc_includeD

#define Xorriso_pvt_misc_includeD   yes

Definition at line 14 of file misc_funct.h.

Function Documentation

◆ Compare_text_lines()

int Compare_text_lines ( char *  text1,
char *  text2,
int *  diff_count,
int  flag 

Definition at line 131 of file misc_funct.c.

References Count_diffs(), and Text_to_argv().

Referenced by Xorriso_compare_2_files().

◆ Decode_ecma119_format()

int Decode_ecma119_format ( struct tm *  erg,
char *  text,
int  flag 

◆ Decode_timestring()

time_t Decode_timestring ( char *  code,
time_t *  date,
int  flag 

◆ Fileliste__escape_source_path()

int Fileliste__escape_source_path ( char *  line,
int  size,
int  flag 

Definition at line 1140 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_graftable_pathspec().

◆ Fileliste__target_source_limit()

int Fileliste__target_source_limit ( char *  line,
char  sep,
char **  limit_pt,
int  flag 

Definition at line 1119 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_genisofs(), Xorriso_graftable_pathspec(), and Xorriso_option_add().

◆ Ftimetxt()

◆ Ftypetxt()

char* Ftypetxt ( mode_t  st_mode,
int  flag 

Definition at line 732 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_compare_2_files(), and Xorriso_cut_out().

◆ Hex_to_bin()

int Hex_to_bin ( char *  hex,
int  bin_size,
int *  bin_count,
unsigned char *  bin_data,
int  flag 

◆ Scanf_io_size()

double Scanf_io_size ( char *  text,
int  flag 

Convert a text into a number of type double and multiply it by unit code [kmgtpe] (2^10 to 2^60) or [s] (2048). (Also accepts capital letters.)

textInput like "42", "2k", "3.14m" or "-1g"
flagBitfield for control purposes: bit0= return -1 rather than 0 on failure
The derived double value

Convert a text into a number of type double and multiply it by unit code [kmgtpe] (2^10 to 2^60) or [s] (2048) or [d] (512). (Also accepts capital letters.)

textInput like "42", "2k", "3.14m" or "-1g"
flagBitfield for control purposes: bit0= return -1 rather than 0 on failure
The derived double value

Definition at line 182 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Splitpart__read_next_num(), Xorriso__parse_size_param(), Xorriso_cdrskin(), Xorriso_check_media_setup_job(), Xorriso_decode_load_adr(), Xorriso_jigdo_interpreter(), Xorriso_option_blank(), Xorriso_option_boot_image(), Xorriso_option_cut_out(), Xorriso_option_displacement(), Xorriso_option_dvd_obs(), Xorriso_option_extract_cut(), Xorriso_option_file_name_limit(), Xorriso_option_file_size_limit(), Xorriso_option_fs(), Xorriso_option_grow_blindly(), Xorriso_option_padding(), Xorriso_option_paste_in(), Xorriso_option_split_size(), Xorriso_option_stdio_sync(), Xorriso_option_stream_recording(), Xorriso_option_temp_mem_limit(), and Xorriso_truncate_overwritable().

◆ Sort_argv()

int Sort_argv ( int  argc,
char **  argv,
int  flag 

◆ Sregex_match()

int Sregex_match ( char *  pattern,
char *  text,
int  flag 

Definition at line 1006 of file misc_funct.c.

References SfileadrL, TSOB_FELD, and Xorriso__bourne_to_reg().

Referenced by Xorriso_assert_volid(), and Xorriso_option_assert_volid().

◆ Sregex_resolve_var()

int Sregex_resolve_var ( char *  form,
char *  vars[][2],
int  num_vars,
char *  start,
char *  end,
char *  esc,
char *  result,
int  result_size,
int  flag 

Definition at line 899 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_make_mount_cmd().

◆ Sregex_string()

int Sregex_string ( char **  handle,
char *  text,
int  flag 

◆ System_uname()

int System_uname ( char **  sysname,
char **  release,
char **  version,
char **  machine,
int  flag 

Definition at line 794 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_make_mount_cmd(), and Xorriso_mount().

◆ Text_shellsafe()

char* Text_shellsafe ( char *  in_text,
char *  out_text,
int  flag 

Definition at line 1044 of file misc_funct.c.

References SfileadrL.

Referenced by Permstack_pop(), Sectorbitmap_from_file(), Sectorbitmap_to_file(), Xoriso_handle_collision(), Xorriso_add_intvl_adr(), Xorriso_add_tree(), Xorriso_append_extattr_comp(), Xorriso_append_part_status(), Xorriso_append_scdbackup_record(), Xorriso_apply_sort_file(), Xorriso_assert_volid(), Xorriso_attach_boot_image(), Xorriso_auto_chmod(), Xorriso_auto_driveadr(), Xorriso_boot_image_status(), Xorriso_boot_item_status(), Xorriso_boot_status_non_mbr(), Xorriso_boot_status_sysarea(), Xorriso_burn_track(), Xorriso_cannot_clone(), Xorriso_cdrskin(), Xorriso_check_interval(), Xorriso_check_intvl_string(), Xorriso_check_matchcount(), Xorriso_check_md5(), Xorriso_check_media_list_job(), Xorriso_check_media_setup_job(), Xorriso_clone_tree(), Xorriso_clone_under(), Xorriso_compare_2_files(), Xorriso_concat(), Xorriso_convert_modstring(), Xorriso_copy_implicit_properties(), Xorriso_cpmv_args(), Xorriso_cut_out(), Xorriso_esc_filepath(), Xorriso_execv(), Xorriso_expand_disk_pattern(), Xorriso_expand_pattern(), Xorriso_external_filter(), Xorriso_extract_boot_images(), Xorriso_extract_cut(), Xorriso_findi_action(), Xorriso_findx_action(), Xorriso_genisofs(), Xorriso_genisofs_ignore(), Xorriso_get_attrs(), Xorriso_getfacl(), Xorriso_give_up_drive(), Xorriso_gpt_crc(), Xorriso_graft_in(), Xorriso_graft_split(), Xorriso_handle_collision(), Xorriso_hfsplus_bless(), Xorriso_hop_link(), Xorriso_is_concat_target(), Xorriso_iso_file_to_fd(), Xorriso_launch_frontend(), Xorriso_ls_filev(), Xorriso_lsx_filev(), Xorriso_make_mount_cmd(), Xorriso_make_tmp_path(), Xorriso_mkdir(), Xorriso_mount(), Xorriso_named_pipe_loop(), Xorriso_node_from_path(), Xorriso_normalize_img_path(), Xorriso_open_job_data_to(), Xorriso_open_named_pipe(), Xorriso_option_abort_on(), Xorriso_option_assert_volid(), Xorriso_option_cdi(), Xorriso_option_cdx(), Xorriso_option_charset(), Xorriso_option_check_md5(), Xorriso_option_close_damaged(), Xorriso_option_cp_clone(), Xorriso_option_cpx(), Xorriso_option_dev(), Xorriso_option_devices(), Xorriso_option_errfile_log(), Xorriso_option_find(), Xorriso_option_hide(), Xorriso_option_lnsi(), Xorriso_option_map_l(), Xorriso_option_md5(), Xorriso_option_modesty_on_drive(), Xorriso_option_mvi(), Xorriso_option_not_leaf(), Xorriso_option_not_list(), Xorriso_option_not_paths(), Xorriso_option_options_from_file(), Xorriso_option_padding(), Xorriso_option_path_list(), Xorriso_option_report_about(), Xorriso_option_return_with(), Xorriso_option_rmi(), Xorriso_option_setfacl_listi(), Xorriso_option_setfattr_listi(), Xorriso_option_toc_of(), Xorriso_option_update(), Xorriso_overwrite_dest(), Xorriso_parse_guid(), Xorriso_paste_in(), Xorriso_path_is_excluded(), Xorriso_read_file_data(), Xorriso_reaquire_outdev(), Xorriso_reassure_restore(), Xorriso_rename(), Xorriso_rename_suffix(), Xorriso_report_damage(), Xorriso_report_iso_error(), Xorriso_report_lba(), Xorriso_report_system_area(), Xorriso_resolve_link(), Xorriso_restore(), Xorriso_restore_disk_object(), Xorriso_restore_implicit_properties(), Xorriso_restore_make_hl(), Xorriso_restore_node_array(), Xorriso_restore_overwrite(), Xorriso_restore_properties(), Xorriso_restore_tree(), Xorriso_rmi(), Xorriso_rmx(), Xorriso_scan_report_lines(), Xorriso_set_filter(), Xorriso_set_hppa_boot_parm(), Xorriso_set_local_charset(), Xorriso_set_st_mode(), Xorriso_set_system_area(), Xorriso_set_system_area_path(), Xorriso_setfacl(), Xorriso_setfattr(), Xorriso_show_boot_info(), Xorriso_show_stream(), Xorriso_status(), Xorriso_status_extf(), Xorriso_status_hppa(), Xorriso_stream_type(), Xorriso_test_outchar(), Xorriso_tree_graft_node(), Xorriso_tree_restore_node(), Xorriso_truncate_const_find_name(), Xorriso_truncate_uniquely(), Xorriso_update_interpreter(), Xorriso_warn_of_wildcards(), Xorriso_write_application_use(), Xorriso_write_session(), and Xorriso_write_session_log().

◆ Wait_for_input()

int Wait_for_input ( int  fd,
int  microsec,
int  flag 

Definition at line 770 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_cdrskin().

◆ Xorriso__bourne_to_reg()

int Xorriso__bourne_to_reg ( char  bourne_expr[],
char  reg_expr[],
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso__exchange_prefix()

int Xorriso__exchange_prefix ( char *  source_prefix,
char *  target_prefix,
char *  eff_source,
char *  eff_target,
int  flag 

Definition at line 1318 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_option_map_l().

◆ Xorriso__format_guid()

int Xorriso__format_guid ( uint8_t  guid[16],
char *  text,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso__hide_mode()

int Xorriso__hide_mode ( char *  mode,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso__hide_mode_text()

char* Xorriso__hide_mode_text ( int  hide_mode,
int  flag 

Definition at line 1273 of file misc_funct.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_boot_image_status(), and Xorriso_option_not_paths().

◆ Xorriso__parse_size_param()

int Xorriso__parse_size_param ( char *  cpt,
int  key_l,
int  l,
double *  num 

Definition at line 1371 of file misc_funct.c.

References Scanf_io_size().

Referenced by Xorriso_option_osirrox(), and Xorriso_option_zisofs().

◆ Xorriso__to_upper()

int Xorriso__to_upper ( char *  in,
char *  out,
int  out_size,
int  flag