xorriso  1.5.4.pl02
About: GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It is suitable for incremental data backup and for production of bootable ISO 9660 images. GNU xorriso is a statical compilation of the libraries libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, and libjte.
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messages.h File Reference
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void iso_msg_debug (int imgid, const char *fmt,...)
int iso_msg_is_abort (int errcode)
int iso_msg_submit (int imgid, int errcode, int causedby, const char *fmt,...)
int iso_report_errfile (char *path, int error_code, int os_errno, int flag)
int iso_libjte_forward_msgs (void *libjte_handle, int imgid, int errcode, int flag)


int iso_message_id

Function Documentation

◆ iso_libjte_forward_msgs()

int iso_libjte_forward_msgs ( void *  libjte_handle,
int  imgid,
int  errcode,
int  flag 

◆ iso_msg_debug()

◆ iso_msg_is_abort()

int iso_msg_is_abort ( int  errcode)

Inquire whether the given error code triggers the abort threshold

Definition at line 571 of file messages.c.

References abort_threshold, and ISO_ERR_SEV.

Referenced by iso_msg_submit(), and iso_rr_msg_submit().

◆ iso_msg_submit()

int iso_msg_submit ( int  imgid,
int  errcode,
int  causedby,
const char *  fmt,
errcodeThe error code.
causedbyError that was caused the errcode. If this error is a FATAL error, < 0 will be returned in any case. Use 0 if there is no previous cause for the error.
0 on success, < 0 if function must abort asap.

Definition at line 579 of file messages.c.

References ISO_CANCELED, ISO_ERR_CODE, ISO_ERR_PRIO, ISO_ERR_SEV, iso_error_to_msg(), iso_msg_is_abort(), libiso_msgr, LIBISO_MSGS_PRIO_LOW, LIBISO_MSGS_SEV_FATAL, LIBISO_MSGS_SEV_NOTE, libiso_msgs_submit(), and MAX_MSG_LEN.

Referenced by aaip_encode_acl_text(), boot_nodes_from_iso_path(), bs_read(), create_file_src(), create_image(), create_node(), create_tree(), dir_update_size(), ecma119_image_new(), ecma119_writer_compute_data_blocks(), eltorito_writer_create(), filesrc_block_and_size(), filesrc_writer_pre_compute(), fill_apm_gaps(), get_iso1999_name(), get_name(), get_relaxed_vol_id(), hfsplus_writer_create(), hppa_palo_get_filepar(), hppa_palo_set_path(), image_builder_create_node(), iso_add_dir_src_rec(), iso_alloc_mem(), iso_file_source_new_ifs(), iso_filesrc_write_data(), iso_get_ecma119_name(), iso_get_joliet_name(), iso_get_rr_name(), iso_image_filesystem_new(), iso_image_import(), iso_image_set_boot_image(), iso_interval_reader_new(), iso_interval_reader_read(), iso_ivr_parse(), iso_ivr_parse_interval(), iso_ivr_read_number(), iso_libjte_forward_msgs(), iso_md5_write_tag(), iso_node_zf_by_magic(), iso_patch_eltoritos(), iso_read_mipsel_elf(), iso_rr_msg_submit(), iso_src_check_sb_tree(), iso_truncate_rr_name(), iso_util_eval_md5_tag(), iso_write(), iso_write_gpt(), iso_write_system_area(), issue_collision_warning_summary(), issue_ucs2_warning_summary(), joliet_writer_compute_data_blocks(), make_hppa_palo_sector(), make_isolinux_mbr(), make_node_array(), mangle_single_dir(), patch_boot_info_table(), patch_grub2_boot_image(), read_el_torito_boot_catalog(), read_root_susp_entries(), rrip_calc_len(), rrip_get_susp_fields(), susp_iter_next(), susp_update_CE_sizes(), write_function(), write_section_entry(), and ziso_block_pointer_mgt().

◆ iso_report_errfile()

int iso_report_errfile ( char *  path,
int  error_code,
int  os_errno,
int  flag 

Variable Documentation

◆ iso_message_id

int iso_message_id

Take and increment this variable to get a valid identifier for message origin.

Definition at line 73 of file messages.c.

Referenced by iso_image_new().