xorriso  1.5.4.pl02
About: GNU xorriso creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images with Rock Ridge extensions. It is suitable for incremental data backup and for production of bootable ISO 9660 images. GNU xorriso is a statical compilation of the libraries libburn, libisofs, libisoburn, and libjte.
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iso_manip.h File Reference
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#define Xorriso_pvt_iso_manip_includeD   yes


int Xorriso_transfer_properties (struct XorrisO *xorriso, struct stat *stbuf, char *disk_path, IsoNode *node, int flag)
int Xorriso_graft_split (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoImage *volume, IsoDir *dir, char *disk_path, char *img_name, char *nominal_source, char *nominal_target, off_t size, IsoNode **node, int flag)
int Xorriso_tree_graft_node (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoImage *volume, IsoDir *dir, char *disk_path, char *img_name, char *nominal_source, char *nominal_target, off_t offset, off_t cut_size, IsoNode **node, int flag)
int Xorriso_add_tree (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoDir *dir, char *img_dir_path, char *disk_dir_path, struct LinkiteM *link_stack, int flag)
int Xorriso_copy_implicit_properties (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoDir *dir, char *full_img_path, char *img_path, char *full_disk_path, int flag)
int Xorriso_mkisofs_lower_r (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoNode *node, int flag)
int Xorriso_widen_hardlink (struct XorrisO *xorriso, void *boss_iter, IsoNode *node, char *abs_path, char *iso_prefix, char *disk_prefix, int flag)
int Xorriso_cannot_create_iter (struct XorrisO *xorriso, int iso_error, int flag)
int Xorriso_findi_iter (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoDir *dir_node, off_t *mem, IsoDirIter **iter, IsoNode ***node_array, int *node_count, int *node_idx, IsoNode **iterated_node, int flag)
int Xorriso_findi_action (struct XorrisO *xorriso, struct FindjoB *job, IsoDirIter *boss_iter, off_t boss_mem, char *abs_path, char *show_path, IsoNode *node, int depth, int flag)
int Xorriso_findi_headline (struct XorrisO *xorriso, struct FindjoB *job, int flag)
int Xorriso_findi_sorted (struct XorrisO *xorriso, struct FindjoB *job, off_t boss_mem, int filec, char **filev, int flag)
int Xorriso_all_node_array (struct XorrisO *xorriso, int addon_nodes, int flag)
int Xorriso__file_start_lba (IsoNode *node, int *lba, int flag)
int Xorriso__mark_update_xinfo (void *data, int flag)
int Xorriso__mark_update_cloner (void *old_data, void **new_data, int flag)
int Xorriso_get_blessing (struct XorrisO *xorriso, IsoNode *node, int *bless_idx, char bless_code[17], int flag)
int Xorriso_truncate_uniquely (struct XorrisO *xorriso, int length, IsoNode *node, char *abs_path, char *show_path, int flag)

Macro Definition Documentation

◆ Xorriso_pvt_iso_manip_includeD

#define Xorriso_pvt_iso_manip_includeD   yes

Definition at line 14 of file iso_manip.h.

Function Documentation

◆ Xorriso__file_start_lba()

int Xorriso__file_start_lba ( IsoNode node,
int *  lba,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso__mark_update_cloner()

int Xorriso__mark_update_cloner ( void *  old_data,
void **  new_data,
int  flag 

Definition at line 3897 of file iso_manip.c.


Referenced by Xorriso_startup_libraries().

◆ Xorriso__mark_update_xinfo()

int Xorriso__mark_update_xinfo ( void *  data,
int  flag 

Definition at line 3890 of file iso_manip.c.

Referenced by Xorriso_mark_update_merge(), and Xorriso_startup_libraries().

◆ Xorriso_add_tree()

◆ Xorriso_all_node_array()

◆ Xorriso_cannot_create_iter()

◆ Xorriso_copy_implicit_properties()

int Xorriso_copy_implicit_properties ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
IsoDir dir,
char *  full_img_path,
char *  img_path,
char *  full_disk_path,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso_findi_action()

int Xorriso_findi_action ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
struct FindjoB job,
IsoDirIter boss_iter,
off_t  boss_mem,
char *  abs_path,
char *  show_path,
IsoNode node,
int  depth,
int  flag 

Definition at line 2635 of file iso_manip.c.

References iso_hfsplus_xinfo_data::creator_code, XorrisO::file_name_limit, XorrisO::find_check_md5_result, Findjob_get_action_parms(), Findjob_get_start_path(), Findjob_set_found_path(), Findjob_set_start_path(), XorrisO::info_text, iso_hfsplus_xinfo_func(), iso_node_get_xinfo(), iso_node_ref(), iso_node_set_sort_weight(), FindjoB::last_data_file_block, FindjoB::match_count, XorrisO::node_array, XorrisO::node_array_size, XorrisO::node_counter, XorrisO::result_line, XorrisO::show_hfs_cmd_count, XorrisO::show_hfs_cmd_flag, XorrisO::show_hfs_cmds, FindjoB::subjob, Text_shellsafe(), iso_hfsplus_xinfo_data::type_code, Xorriso_check_md5(), Xorriso_esc_filepath(), Xorriso_estimate_file_size(), Xorriso_fake_stbuf(), Xorriso_find_compare(), Xorriso_findi(), Xorriso_get_attr_value(), Xorriso_get_blessing(), Xorriso_get_md5(), Xorriso_getfacl(), Xorriso_getfattr(), Xorriso_hfsplus_bless(), Xorriso_hfsplus_file_creator_type(), Xorriso_list_extattr(), Xorriso_ls_filev(), Xorriso_make_md5(), Xorriso_mark_update_merge(), Xorriso_mkisofs_lower_r(), Xorriso_msgs_submit(), Xorriso_path_setfattr(), Xorriso_process_msg_queues(), Xorriso_record_cmd_line(), Xorriso_report_damage(), Xorriso_report_lba(), Xorriso_result(), Xorriso_rmi(), Xorriso_set_change_pending(), Xorriso_set_filter(), Xorriso_set_gid(), Xorriso_set_hidden(), Xorriso_set_st_mode(), Xorriso_set_time(), Xorriso_set_to_mtime(), Xorriso_set_uid(), Xorriso_setfacl(), Xorriso_show_stream(), Xorriso_test_outchar(), Xorriso_truncate_uniquely(), and Xorriso_widen_hardlink().

Referenced by Xorriso_findi(), and Xorriso_findi_sorted().

◆ Xorriso_findi_headline()

int Xorriso_findi_headline ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
struct FindjoB job,
int  flag 

Definition at line 3327 of file iso_manip.c.

References Findjob_get_action(), XorrisO::result_line, and Xorriso_result().

Referenced by Xorriso_findi(), and Xorriso_findi_sorted().

◆ Xorriso_findi_iter()

int Xorriso_findi_iter ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
IsoDir dir_node,
off_t *  mem,
IsoDirIter **  iter,
IsoNode ***  node_array,
int *  node_count,
int *  node_idx,
IsoNode **  iterated_node,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso_findi_sorted()

int Xorriso_findi_sorted ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
struct FindjoB job,
off_t  boss_mem,
int  filec,
char **  filev,
int  flag 

Definition at line 3572 of file iso_manip.c.

◆ Xorriso_get_blessing()

◆ Xorriso_graft_split()

int Xorriso_graft_split ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
IsoImage volume,
IsoDir dir,
char *  disk_path,
char *  img_name,
char *  nominal_source,
char *  nominal_target,
off_t  size,
IsoNode **  node,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso_mkisofs_lower_r()

int Xorriso_mkisofs_lower_r ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
IsoNode node,
int  flag 

◆ Xorriso_transfer_properties()

◆ Xorriso_tree_graft_node()

◆ Xorriso_truncate_uniquely()

◆ Xorriso_widen_hardlink()

int Xorriso_widen_hardlink ( struct XorrisO xorriso,
void *  boss_iter,
IsoNode node,
char *  abs_path,
char *  iso_prefix,
char *  disk_prefix,
int  flag