About: xarchiver is a GTK+2 lightweight archive manager supporting all common archive types (continuation of the Xfce master branch).
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xarchiver Documentation

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What is it?

Xarchiver is the ultimate solution for handling archives on Linux and FreeBSD. It's a Desktop Environment independent archiver front end. All common archive formats are supported, deb and RPM packages are handled without their package managers being installed. Xarchiver only depends on the GTK+ libraries and utilizes various (un)compressor/(un)archiver command line programs at runtime. Installation of xdg-utils is optional but installing it will allow Xarchiver to support opening more file types directly from inside an archive.

How to use it:

Please read the documentation accessible from the Help menu.

How to compile:

./configure # (run './configure --help' for more details) make

How to install (as root):

make install


Author of Xarchiver is Giuseppe Torelli colossus73@gmail.com, author of this continuation of the Xfce master branch and maintainer of Xarchiver is Ingo Br├╝ckl ib@wupperonline.de.

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