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About: GNU Wget2 is a utility for non-interactive download of files from the Web (the successor of GNU Wget).
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GNU Wget2 - Introduction

GNU Wget2 is the successor of GNU Wget, a file and recursive website downloader.

Designed and written from scratch it wraps around libwget, that provides the basic functions needed by a web client.

Wget2 works multi-threaded and uses many features to allow fast operation.

In many cases Wget2 downloads much faster than Wget1.x due to HTTP2, HTTP compression, parallel connections and use of If-Modified-Since HTTP header.

GNU Wget2 is licensed under GPLv3+.

Libwget is licensed under LGPLv3+.


A non-exhaustive list of features

  • Support for HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.0 protocol
  • brotli decompression support (Accept-Encoding: br)
  • zstandard decompression support, RFC8478 (Accept-Encoding: zstd)
  • lzip decompression support, (Accept-Encoding: lzip)
  • HPKP - HTTP Public Key Pinning (RFC7469) with persistent database
  • TCP Fast Open for plain text and for HTTPS
  • TLS Session Resumption including persistent session data cache
  • TLS False Start (with GnuTLS >= 3.5.0)
  • HTTP2 support via nghttp2 and GnuTLS ALPN including streaming/pipelining
  • OCSP stapling + OCSP server querying as a fallback (experimental, needs GnuTLS >= 3.3.11)
  • Use libpsl for cookie domain checking (using Public Suffix List)
  • Support link conversion (-k/--convert-links and -K/--backup-converted)
  • Support for RFC 6266 compliant Content-Disposition
  • RFC 6797 HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security)
  • Support for bzip2 Content-Encoding / Accept-Encoding compression type
  • New Year 2014 gimmick: added support for XZ Content-Encoding / Accept-Encoding compression type
  • Character encoding of input files may be specified despite from local and remote encoding (--input-encoding)
  • Support scanning RSS 2.0 feeds from local files (--force-rss -i <filename>)
  • Support scanning RSS 2.0 feeds.
  • Support scanning Atom 1.0 feeds from local files (--force-atom -i <filename>)
  • Support scanning Atom 1.0 feeds.
  • Support scanning URLs from local Sitemap XML file (--force-sitemap -i <filename>)
  • Support scanning sitemap files given in robots.txt (Sitemap XML, gzipped Sitemap XML, plain text) including sitemap index files.
  • Support arbitrary number of proxies for parallel downloads
  • Multithreaded download of single files (option --chunk-size)
  • Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (compile-selectable IDNA2008 or IDNA2003)
  • ICEcast / SHOUTcast support via library (see examples/getstream.c)
  • respect /robots.txt "Robot Exclusion Standard" and <META name="robots" ...>
  • new option --secure-protocol=PFS to have TLS only plus forcing Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS)
  • IDN support for international domains
  • autotools support
  • proxy support
  • cookies (session/non-session), detection of supercookies via Mozilla Public Suffix List (use the new option --cookie-suffixes <filename>, better: put it into ~/.wgetrc)
  • recursive download of websites with or without spanning hosts
  • download of single web pages / resources
  • zlib/gzip compressed HTTP/HTTPS downloads (gzip, deflate)
  • number of parallel download threads is adjustable
  • include directive for config files (wildcards allowed)
  • support for keep-alive connections
  • included CSS, HTML, XML parser needed for recursive downloads
  • gettext support
  • HTTPS via libgnutls (and basic WolfSSL support)
  • support for Metalink RFC 6249 (Metalink/HTTP: Mirrors and Hashes)
  • support for Metalink RFC 5854 (Metalink Download Description Format / .meta4 files)
  • support for Metalink 3
  • Metalink checksumming via libgnutls
  • DNS lookup cache
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support
  • built and tested on Linux, OSX, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows


Online Docs

Mailing List

Bug Tracker


Code Coverage

Fuzz Code Coverage

Build Requirements

The following packages are needed to build the software

  • autotools (autoconf, autogen, automake, autopoint, libtool)
  • python (recommended for faster bootstrap)
  • rsync
  • tar
  • makeinfo (part of texinfo)
  • pkg-config >= 0.28 (recommended)
  • doxygen (for creating the documentation)
  • pandoc (for creating the wget2 man page)
  • gettext >= 0.18.2
  • libiconv (needed for IRI and IDN support)
  • libz >= 1.2.3 (the distribution may call the package zlib*, eg. zlib1g on Debian)
  • liblzma >= 5.1.1alpha (optional, if you want HTTP lzma decompression)
  • libbz2 >= 1.0.6 (optional, if you want HTTP bzip2 decompression)
  • libbrotlidec/libbrotli >= 1.0.0 (optional, if you want HTTP brotli decompression)
  • libzstd >= 1.3.0 (optional, if you want HTTP zstd decompression)
  • libgnutls (3.3, 3.5 or 3.6)
  • libidn2 >= 0.14 (libidn >= 1.25 if you don't have libidn2)
  • flex >= 2.5.35
  • libpsl >= 0.5.0
  • libnghttp2 >= 1.3.0 (optional, if you want HTTP/2 support)
  • libmicrohttpd >= 0.9.51 (optional, if you want to run the test suite)
  • lzip (optional, if you want to build distribution tarballs)
  • lcov (optional, for coverage reports)
  • libgpgme >= 0.4.2 (optional, for automatic signature verification)
  • libpcre | libpcre2 (optional, for filtering by PCRE|PCRE2 regex)
  • libhsts (optional, to support HSTS preload lists)
  • libwolfssl (optional, to support WolfSSL instead of GnuTLS)

The versions are recommended, but older versions may also work.

Downloading and building from tarball

    wget https://gnuwget.gitlab.io/wget2/wget2-latest.tar.gz
    tar xf wget2-latest.tar.gz
    cd wget2-*
    make check
    sudo make install

Building from git

Download project and prepare sources with

    git clone https://gitlab.com/gnuwget/wget2.git
    cd wget2
    # on shell failure try 'bash ./bootstrap'

Build Wget2 with


In Haiku build Wget2 with

    setarch x86
    ./configure --prefix=/boot/home/config/non-packaged
    rm /boot/home/config/non-packaged/wget2 && mv /boot/home/config/non-packaged/wget2_noinstall /boot/home/config/non-packaged/wget2

Test the functionality

    make check

Install Wget2 and libwget

    sudo make install (or su -c "make install")


Copyright (C) 2015-2022 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.